A to Z Challenge – Moana

Moana - PosterMoana


Directed by Ron Clements and John Musker

Quick synopsis… Moana sets sail on a daring adventure to save her people. Along the way, she meets the mighty demigod Maui–together they cross the ocean on a fun-filled, action packed voyage.

  • Did you notice that this was directed by the same guys that did yesterday’s movie?
  • True story.
  • Moana’s grandmother sets up the backstory for us with the story of Te Fiti, the goddess who brought life to the ocean.
  • The mischievous demigod Maui stole the heart of Te Fiti, intending to give humanity the power of creation, but he was stopped by a fire demon, Te Ka, who also wanted the heart of Te Fiti.
  • In the battle with Te Ka, Maui lost his magical giant fishhook as well as the heart to the bottom of the ocean, and was exiled to a far away isle for a thousand years.
  • Isn’t baby Moana just about the darlinest thing you ever did see?
  • She’s naturally drawn to the ocean, and when she shows that she cares for a little sea turtle, the ocean chooses her to deliver the heart back to Te Fiti.
  • But she’s, like, a year old… so that’s not gonna happen.
  • Especially since her father, the chief of the Motunui people. forbids anyone to go beyond the reef, deeming it too dangerous.
  • As she gets older, her mother tells her that her father once tried to sail beyond the reef and lost a friend in the process.
  • Therefore, he’s overprotective.
  • But things aren’t going well on the island.
  • Coconut harvests are rotten and the usual fishing locations are turning up no fish.
  • If they don’t try to go beyond the reef, the people will eventually starve.
  • Her first attempt to secretly go beyond the reef nearly ended in disaster.
  • Moana’s grandmother reveals that she was there that day when the ocean chose Moana, and that she’s held onto the Heart of Te Fiti all these years.
  • She also reveals the hidden location of all the larger boats that their ancestors used to reach this island.
  • Their people once sailed from island to island, explorers at heart.
  • Moana takes it upon herself to track down Maui and force him to help her restore the Heart of Te Fiti.
  • He reluctantly agrees to help her, but first he needs to retrieve his magical giant fishhook, which allows him to shapeshift.
  • With this movie being less than five years old, I don’t want to give away the twist that comes with the end.
  • But I will say it is incredibly touching and…
  • Look, I don’t know if it’s that I’m getting older and a certain amount of sensitivity comes along with that, but this scene near the end gets me pretty much every time I see it.

A to Z Challenge - MThanks for tuning in to Day Thirteen of the 2020 A to Z Challenge! If you like Disney movies, then stick with me for the rest of the month. I’ll be doing a movie beginning with each letter of the alphabet each day (except Sundays) all month. And I’ll try to give hints about the next day’s movie in case you want to take a guess in the comments.

Tomorrow’s Disney movie begins with an N. It’s a live-action musical starring Batman. Any guesses?


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