Rewatching Angel – Episode 70

Angel - TitleWelcome to Rewatching Angel, the part of the blog where I rewatch the Buffy the Vampire Slayer spin-off: Angel. Each Tuesday evening, you’re invited to join me as I attempt to rediscover what made me love these shows so many years ago.

Slouching Toward Bethlehem

  • A family is stranded when their car is broken down.
  • Connor is being creepy and stops by to tell them they’re in trouble.
  • Then the family is attacked by vampires.
  • Connor manages to save the family by killing the two vamps posing as tow truck operators.
  • Seeing the family cowering together must make Connor feel nostalgic, because he sneaks into the upstairs of the Hyperion.
  • And he’s there in time to see Cordelia and the others in the lobby.
  • Cordy has no memory of any of Team Angel.
  • She has no clue who any of them are.
  • She has no clue who she is, either.
  • Fred asks the good questions…
  • Why is Cordelia back?
  • Is this the Cordelia they think she is?
  • Cordelia is afraid, though… until she hears her own voice as the outgoing message on the answering machine.
  • Fred takes Gunn to go take care of a work issue.
  • Cordelia tells Angel she wants to go home.
  • But all of her stuff is up in one of the hotel rooms set aside for her after she lost her apartment.
  • After Cordelia changes into some of her own clothes, she practices saying her name in the mirror…
  • It’s like she’s practicing how to be Cordelia…
  • She looks through some old pictures and finds one of her and Angel together while she’s holding the infant Connor.
  • Cordy explores a little and hears someone singing in Lorne’s room.
  • Then she hears Lorne tell his visitor that he has an addiction and if he doesn’t curb his urges, he’ll end up on the wrong side of you-know-who…
  • Slayer? Angel? Not sure…
  • Down in the office, Cordelia freaks out when Fred and Gunn get back from their demon hunt.
  • Running out of the hotel, she gets attacked by a couple of Wolfram & Hart goons, but Angel helps beat them off her.
  • But she doesn’t need a lot of help, because she’s got the muscle memory going on.
  • Girl knows how to fight.
  • Angel calmly explains to her that she’s among friends who only want what’s best for her.
  • Cordy thinks she’s a spy, but Angel squashes that one.
  • Then she asks if she’s a mom… and Angel tells her she’s not in the strictest sense of the word.
  • This leads to her asking if she and Angel were romantically involved…
  • And since they technically weren’t, she then asks if she was a nun, because she found a bunch of rosaries and crucifixes.
  • But dropping these items in Angel’s hand causes him to vamp out… causing her to freak out… again.
  • When she runs out, she runs into Lorne… which doesn’t help.
  • So they fill Cordelia in on her entire life.
  • And she says it’s no wonder she’s forgotten, because who would want to remember all of that?
  • The next suggestion is that she sing so Lorne can read her future.
  • She launches into “The Greatest Love of All,” which is a great callback to the talent show episode of Buffy Season 1.
  • Lorne clearly doesn’t like what he’s seeing, so he stops her and runs out.
  • Angel goes after Lorne, but he doesn’t want to talk about it.
  • “Do the words ‘slouching toward Bethlehem’ ring a bell?”
  • Evil’s coming and it’s planning on staying.
  • Cordelia roams the halls looking for Angel, but encounters the human-eating demon that Lorne was reading earlier.
  • Connor kills the demon and takes Cordy away.
  • The team thinks Cordelia is out in the city alone, not knowing that Connor took her.
  • He takes her to where he’s living and she appreciates that he’s being honest with her from the start.
  • Lilah is at Wesley’s when she gets the call informing her that Cordelia is back.
  • Connor watches over Cordelia while she tries to sleep… but she can’t sleep.
  • I think this is the biggest reason why I don’t like the majority of this season.
  • Cordelia turns to Connor for comfort like he’s the only person she can trust.
  • Angel, Gunn, and Fred are trying to figure out where Cordy could be and Wes walks in claiming he knows.
  • He knows Wolfram & Hart are planning to extract her from where Connor’s staying.
  • Angel seems to be okay with Cordelia being with Connor.
  • He really shouldn’t be, though.
  • Wolfram & Hart’s commandos storm Connor’s place and they both fight them off.
  • Angel, Gunn, and Fred join the fray.
  • Lilah watches the fight on a monitor and is approached by a commando who lets her know “it’s done.”
  • Uh… what’s done?
  • When the commandos retreat, Angel offers to take Cordelia home, but she would rather stay with Connor.
  • Angel tells him to keep her safe.
  • They get back to the hotel and find out that everything at Connor’s was just the distraction.
  • Wolfram & Hart stormed the hotel and attacked Lorne.
  • They knew that Lorne read Cordy and literally sucked it out of his brain.
  • Wesley goes to Lilah, knowing now that she played him.
  • Body count: Demons – 1

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