A to Z Challenge – DuckTales the Movie: Treasure of the Lost Lamp

DuckTales the Movie - PosterDuckTales the Movie: Treasure of the Lost Lamp


Directed by Bob Hathcock

Quick synopsis… Scrooge McDuck, everyone’s favorite rich uncle, treks from his mansion home in Duckburg in search of the long-lost loot of the legendary thief Collie Baba, with nephews, Huey, Dewey, and Louie, plus niece Webigail Vanderquack at his side.

  • DuckTales movie?
  • I loved this show when I was a kid. And I certainly remember when the movie came out.
  • But I think I saw it once as a kid, wasn’t impressed… and never saw it again.
  • BTW, I’m going to go into this with the assumption that you have a working knowledge of who all of these characters are.
  • Okay?
  • Good…
  • Launchpad is flying Uncle Scrooge, Huey, Dewey, Louie, and Webigail to an archaeological dig site.
  • And he’s flying inside a canyon.
  • Why not fly above the canyon?
  • The diggers have discovered some kind of treasure chest that belonged to Collie Baba, the greatest thief who ever lived.
  • But it’s just a chest full of old clothes.
  • One of the nephews, however, discovers a treasure map inside the pocket of one of the pieces of clothing.
  • And one of the diggers, Dijon, is secretly working for a centuries old sinister figure called Merlock, who has been searching for Collie Baba’s magic lamp.
  • Dijon acts as Scrooge’s guide as they search for Collie Baba’s treasure.
  • They stumble upon a tiny pyramid that’s bigger than it looks.
  • Because only the top is sticking out.
  • I get making Dijon dig… but the kids?
  • I think there are child labor laws in place to prevent that kind of thing.
  • Tripping booby traps, they eventually come to Collie Baba’s treasure, including the magic lamp.
  • Sidebar: I know that Scrooge is the good guy, but he’s really mean to Dijon.
  • Scrooge thinks the lamp is worthless and gives it to Webigail to use as part of her tea set.
  • Before Scrooge and the others can get the treasure out, Merlock shows up and steals it for himself.
  • But the old sorcerer didn’t get the lamp… because Webby’s got it.
  • Scrooge is all depressed because he lost the treasure that he’s been looking for most of his life.
  • I hope the millions he has waiting for him in his money bin in Duckburg can comfort him.
  • Back at the mansion, Webby polishes the lamp, which awakens the Genie inside.
  • Webigail makes the first wish: a baby elephant.
  • The Genie begs the kids to make small wishes.
  • The nephew in red (I never remember which one is which) undoes Webby’s wish before Scrooge can see the damage it’s done.
  • But Scrooge knows they’re up to something and discovers the Genie… but the kids are passing him off as their new friend Gene.
  • They then proceed to use all their wishes on fun kid stuff outside of the mansion so Scrooge doesn’t get suspicious.
  • As they turn in for the night, the nephew in green says they’ve only got his last wish left.
  • Seeing the shadow of a bird outside, Genie is afraid that Merlock has found him.
  • He tells the boys that Merlock has a magic talisman that gives him unlimited wishes.
  • The ultimate cheat code.
  • The next day, Merlock shows up at the McDuck mansion and transforms into a rat so he can sneak around.
  • He discovers Genie tea partying with Webigail.
  • Doesn’t help that Webby wishes for all of her stuffed animals to come to life.
  • Way to stick to the small wishes, kid.
  • Because of the living animals, Louie (the green one) has to use his last wish to undo Webby’s last wish.
  • And he has to do so in front of Uncle Scrooge.
  • Scrooge makes his first wish: to reacquire the treasure of Collie Baba.
  • Then he takes the lamp and Genie to the archaeological society’s annual thing.
  • I’m sure it had a name that I missed.
  • I’m rediscovering why I only saw this movie once as a kid.
  • It’s not the best.
  • Anyway, hilarity and hijinks ensue and Merlock gets his hands on the lamp, messing things up for a while.
  • But the good guys win in the end…
  • I mean, it is a kids’ cartoon.
  • And I liked it better when it came out a couple years later as Aladdin.

A to Z Challenge - DThanks for tuning in to Day Four of the 2020 A to Z Challenge! If you like Disney movies, then you’re likely to like where I’m going for the rest of the month. I’ll be doing a movie beginning with each letter of the alphabet each day (except Sundays) all month. And I’ll try to give hints about the next day’s movie in case you want to take a guess in the comments.

Clues for Monday’s movie are that it begins with a E and it’s a Disney movie. Just kidding… It’s my first live-action choice for this month and it was made a long time before I was born. It was a favorite when I was a kid, mostly because I thought the kids’ room at the bad guy’s mansion was awesome. Oh, and the kids have crazy special powers. Any guesses?


5 thoughts on “A to Z Challenge – DuckTales the Movie: Treasure of the Lost Lamp

  1. I was going to guess Enchanted for Monday but then you said it was way before you were born…..so now I’m out of guesses haha

    I don’t think I’ve seen this movie BUT I did love the DuckTales show when I was younger! 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Escape from Witch Mountain? I remember seeing that when I was very young but remember nothing about it except maybe a van flying upside down (does that make any sense?). Maybe that was The Cat From Outer Space.

    I also can’t remember which nephew is which although I typically see Duck Tales in passing when my kids are watching.

    Liked by 2 people

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