Rewatching Buffy – Episode 125

buffy-titleWelcome to Rewatching Buffy, the part of the blog where I rewatch Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Each Tuesday evening, you’re invited to join me as I attempt to rediscover what made me love this show so many years ago.

Same Time, Same Place

  • Buffy, Dawn, and Xander wait for Willow at the Sunnydale airport.
  • But everyone gets off the plane and… no Willow.
  • Back to a few minutes ago, Willow did get off the plane.
  • She passes right by where her friends were standing, but they’re not there.
  • Alternate realities?
  • Willow is left thinking that no one cared to pick her up at the airport.
  • Some random graffiti artist is being stalked by some creepy creature with long fingernails (claws?).
  • It taunts him, then grabs him.
  • Willow gets to Buffy’s house and goes in the back door, calling out people’s names, but no answer.
  • The camera is very careful to let us know it’s 10:41.
  • Willow heads to what was once her bedroom, but Buffy’s moved in.
  • She looks out at the back yard and hears herself crying out Tara’s name, remembering the last time she was in this room.
  • Willow hears the door downstairs and drops Buffy’s planner on the floor, but when she gets down there, no one is around.
  • Buffy, Dawn, and Xander get home and Buffy confirms from her conversation with Giles, he put her on the plane in London.
  • They hear a noise upstairs, then go up calling her name.
  • Off camera, Giles is blaming himself for sending her back before she was ready.
  • The gang is all on the sofa, but Willow is lying there alone.
  • The next morning, Willow wakes up, still alone.
  • She tries calling Giles, but he’s at a Watchers’ Council meeting all day and cannot be reached.
  • That’s just inconvenient.
  • Willow heads to the burned out Magic Box and runs into Anya.
  • Anya can see her and she’s kind of afraid of her.
  • Willow feels bad, tells Anya she feels really responsible.
  • Anya tells her that she is really responsible.
  • In spite of Anya’s apparent dislike toward Willow, she sits with her on the curb.
  • Willow asks how the others are doing, and Anya is kind of surprised that she hasn’t seen them yet.
  • Anya tells Willow they might be at the new high school since Buffy works there and Xander is still doing construction on unfinished areas and Dawn’s a student and Spike is insane in the basement.
  • Willow heads to the job site and calls out for Xander, but can’t find him.
  • Instead, she finds the graffiti artist… flayed alive.
  • At the same time, Xander and Buffy stand over the flayed artist.
  • Of course, they’re considering who they know who has a history of flaying her victims.
  • Willow walks the halls of the high school and heads down to the basement.
  • Spike jumps out at her, rambling as he tends to do these days.
  • He starts talking to someone who we can’t see…
  • Then he realizes everyone’s talking to him, but they’re not talking to each other.
  • “Someone isn’t here.”
  • He says his money’s on the witch.
  • A few minutes ago, Buffy and Xander hear Spike yelling the same things he was rambling to Willow.
  • When he was talking to no one, he was talking to Buffy and Xander.
  • And when Spike says, “Red’s a bad girl.”
  • They assume he’s talking about Willow being the one who flayed the victim.
  • Willow goes to Anya’s apartment for help.
  • They accuse each other of killing this kid, but neither did it.
  • Anya helps Willow with a spell to track demons.
  • Same spell that didn’t work when she tried with Tara back in Season 4.
  • Willow tries to get Anya to teleport to where the demon is, but since she took back that spell from last week, her punishment is that she can only teleport on vengeance business.
  • They’re able to identify with one another because neither of them wants to revert to the evil versions of themselves.
  • The gang is in research mode with Dawn taking over at the computer, looking up demons that flay their victims.
  • But Buffy is convinced that they’re just working like this to convince themselves that Willow didn’t do this.
  • Then Dawn finds a demon called Gnarl, who paralyzes its victims, peels skin off and eats it, and laps up the blood.
  • They decide to use Spike to track the demon.
  • Crazy vampire follows the scent of blood, good guys follow the crazy vampire.
  • He leads them to a cave.
  • Unfortunately, Willow finds the cave, too.
  • And Gnarl knows she’s all alone.
  • The others hear Gnarl talking to Willow.
  • Gnarl takes a swipe at Dawn, paralyzing her.
  • Buffy decides to get Dawn out of there and seal the demon in the cave.
  • After all, he’ll be trapped in there all alone… can’t kill anyone else, right?
  • Except that Willow is still in the cave and they don’t realize it.
  • I think Gnarl might be in the top ten of the creepiest creatures on this show.
  • He taunts Willow about her friends being there and leaving her alone.
  • Then he takes a swipe, paralyzing her.
  • Then he starts to eat her.
  • Back at the house, Buffy looks at Dawn’s research and discovers that the paralysis is permanent until the creature is killed.
  • So Buffy calls Anya to come and stay with Dawn while she and Xander go back to kill Gnarl.
  • Uh… the way this thing eats is super disgusting.
  • Anya mentions that she helped Willow earlier.
  • She then mentions that Willow might be looking for them at some cave…
  • And since Anya knows a lot about Gnarl, she has to go with Buffy and Xander… leaving a paralyzed Dawn alone.
  • They get back to the cave and Anya goes to Willow, but the others still can’t see her.
  • Buffy decides that the invisible issue is separate from the skin eating monster thing.
  • Anya tries to reassure Willow that Buffy and Xander are there trying to save her.
  • Buffy kills Gnarl by literally poking his eyes out.
  • Anya goes to get help for Willow, but the others still can’t see or hear her.
  • Suddenly she appears, hurt and lying on the ground.
  • The next day, Willow is meditating in Buffy’s old room.
  • Willow admits that she’s the one who kept them from seeing each other.
  • It wasn’t on purpose… she was just afraid that she wasn’t ready to face her friends.
  • Buffy admits that she thought it was Willow who flayed that kid at the work site.
  • When Willow returns to meditation to help herself heal, Buffy offers to give her some of her own strength.
  • Body count: Humans – 1; Gnarl – 1

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