Rewatching Angel – Episode 68

Angel - TitleWelcome to Rewatching Angel, the part of the blog where I rewatch the Buffy the Vampire Slayer spin-off: Angel. Each Tuesday evening, you’re invited to join me as I attempt to rediscover what made me love these shows so many years ago.

Ground State

  • Wisconsin, 1985…
  • A family of three are welcomed to Thorpe Academy where Gwen Raiden is about to become a student.
  • Apparently, she’s… different.
  • Her parents are leaving her there until June.
  • Gwen’s first rule is to stay away from the other students.
  • She’s not allowed to touch anyone… even with heavily gloved hands.
  • It’s like Frozen all over again.
  • When another kid tries to befriend her on the playground and hands her a toy car, she accidentally electrocutes the boy.
  • For our body count, I’m going to go ahead and assume that kid died.
  • At Cordelia’s apartment, Angel and Fred work on boxing things up.
  • He asks if Phantom Dennis knows anything about where Cordy has been for three months.
  • Fred says he’s just mad that they haven’t brought her back already.
  • Meanwhile, Wesley is fighting a demon.
  • Angel appears and asks if he needs help, but Wes handily cuts the demon in half.
  • He’s got a new crew.
  • Angel wants to thank him for finding him and bringing him up from the ocean floor.
  • Angel tells him that he had a lot of time to think down there and, as far as he’s concerned, they’re okay now.
  • From the look on Wesley’s face, he’s not okay.
  • However, he does hand Angel a file of everything he’s been able to find out about Cordelia’s disappearance.
  • This leads Angel to someone called Dinza, whose lair can only be entered by the dead.
  • Dinza is not pretty… but she knows enough about Angel and that he was lost… asking him if he misses the sound of the waves.
  • She knows about lost love.
  • Dinza tells Angel that she is far away and needs him no longer.
  • She tells him that what he seeks is inside the Axis of Pythia.
  • Whatever that is.
  • Dinza then tells Angel that she would love to keep him, but he has so much more to lose.
  • Elsewhere, someone else is looking for the Axis of Pythia, claiming it’s worth $33 million.
  • This very grown up Gwen Raiden is being hired to steal the Axis for a client.
  • Fred’s research turns up that the Axis can be used to find souls across dimensions.
  • The Axis is being auctioned… and since they can’t afford to buy it, they’re gonna have to steal it.
  • I think they’re gonna cross paths with this Gwen character.
  • Wes and Lilah are still getting intimate on the regular.
  • Gwen begins her heist by using her powers to take down the security grid.
  • Meanwhile, Team Angel scales the fence, then takes out all the power… in the parking garage.
  • Good thing Gwen hit the alarm, huh?
  • Angel gets to the vault and uses an aerosol spray to reveal the lasers.
  • But then the bars drop.
  • Angel tries to lift the bars, but Gwen drops down from inside and tells him she closed his access for a reason.
  • Then she uses her power to bend the lasers out of her way.
  • Angel tries to reason with her, asking to use the Axis to find Cordelia and then she can have it for whatever she wants.
  • Then the alarm goes off.
  • Gunn is able to slip under the bars and grabs Gwen.
  • She electrocutes him, killing him.
  • Then she manages to restart his heart.
  • Fred and Angel need to get Gunn to the hospital and Gwen gets away with the Axis.
  • Lilah is watching Connor, sleeping with a group of homeless people.
  • Angel finds Lilah spying on his son.
  • But he’s not there for Connor… he’s there for Lilah.
  • He wants to know who was stealing the Axis of Pythia.
  • In return for information, Angel will forget that Lilah is within 50 yards of his son.
  • Then he reveals that he can smell her and Wesley all over each other.
  • Fred nearly has a nervous breakdown.
  • She’s tired of being the one who has been holding things together.
  • Gunn dying for a second is her last straw.
  • Gwen is at her client’s building and Angel is right behind her.
  • But she doesn’t see him in the reflection on the elevator door.
  • They fight, and she gives him a heavy dose of electricity… starting his heart.
  • Which leads to them making out?
  • Her client double crossed her, though.
  • She and Angel are trapped in the elevator.
  • The elevator was designed to keep her from accessing a current, so she can’t electrify her way out.
  • Angel is able to break through the wall and access the electricity, saving them both.
  • Angel handily beats the crap out of Gwen’s client’s goons.
  • Then Gwen goes directly to the client.
  • Angel stops her from killing him, and she walks away empty handed.
  • Back at the hotel, Angel uses the Axis to locate Cordelia.
  • He tells Fred and Gunn that she’s on that higher plane, surrounded by light.
  • They’re resigned to let Cordelia be who/what she is on that higher plane…
  • But she’s up there screaming at him to get her out of there.
  • Body count: Humans – 1; Demons – 1

4 thoughts on “Rewatching Angel – Episode 68

  1. Every time I read these posts of yours I think I should go back and watch this show.
    And since we’re quarantined now, what better time?
    Will I though? I should. But I tend to fail miserably at simple tasks…

    Liked by 1 person

    • I agree… It would have been interesting if they’d had a chance to flesh her out more. I wonder if Charisma Carpenter’s IRL pregnancy derailed any original plans they had for her. I mean, they did give her a full on flashback origin story. Which kind of makes me wonder how different this season would have been overall if the writers hadn’t worked around Carpenter’s pregnancy. Not that I’m blaming pregnancy for a season of television that I didn’t really find all that great… because, hooray! Miracle of life! Ugh… I’m thinking too much for a comment…

      Liked by 1 person

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