My Favorite Movies #27 – When Harry Met Sally…

When Harry Met Sally - PosterWhen Harry Met Sally…


Directed by Rob Reiner

Quick synopsis… Nora Ephron’s episodic screenplay introduces womanizing, neurotic Harry and ambitious, equally neurotic Sally as chums who resist sexual attraction to maintain their friendship, a relationship that’s always teetering on the brink of love.

  • Without question, my favorite thing about this movie is the interviews with the elderly couples.
  • They originally wanted to have real couples and not actors, but they just weren’t working well in front of the camera.
  • So they cast actors.
  • But these interludes are just about the greatest thing on film.
  • Someone should do a Netflix docuseries that’s nothing but old couples talking about how they met.
  • When Harry met Sally, they were riding together from Chicago to New York.
  • They don’t exactly hit it off.
  • Y’all… I’m not going to get into the nuances of describing the characters of Harry or Sally.
  • Because they are so incredibly written and fleshed out in this film that they have just got to be experienced.
  • In fact, I don’t even want to get a blow by blow description of what happens in this movie.
  • Because you have to watch it.
  • It’s so friggin’ good.
  • Here’s what you should know…
  • When Harry and Sally meet the first time, they kinda hate each other.
  • The second time, they still kinda hate each other.
  • The third time, they basically become best friends.
  • Then they hate each other again for a little while.
  • But that’s because they’re actually in love with each other.
  • Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan at their absolute best.

Next week we change gears with a Steven Spielberg classic about the boy who never grew up. Except that he did. And he just had to be played by the incomparable Robin Williams.


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