Late to the Quarantine Party

For the last couple of weeks, as the rest of the United States has slowed to a crawl and been systematically shutting down, I’ve continued being in the world.

Calm down, it’s not because I’m being irresponsible and saying screw social distancing. It’s because my job has been deemed essential. Because mental health doesn’t really slow down during a pandemic. Quite the contrary. During all of this, people suffering from mental health diagnoses are more likely to approach a crisis situation.

However, even though the folks in my position have been deemed essential, steps have been taken to allow us to work from home, still providing services to our clients without meeting with them face to face.

This is a good thing, I think. Because, as things have progressed, there have been fewer and fewer opportunities to engage with clients in public spaces. Because they’re all closed.

So yesterday was my last day meeting with any of my clients for the foreseeable future. Sure, I’d love to be optimistic and claim I’ll be back out there in a couple of weeks. But let’s be realistic. May is probably more likely.

Today is my first official day of quarantine. My plan is to stay in my apartment as much as I possibly can. Good thing I’m stocked up on groceries. I even managed to track down a 6-pack of toilet paper on Monday. Should see me through April.

No… wait… I have to go out this afternoon. The Red Cross keeps reminding me that they are dealing with a crucial shortage of blood donations. By the way, if you’re healthy and can get out and donate, please do. You never know whose life you could be saving. I’m healthy, so I’m heading over there this afternoon to donate platelets.

So I guess, really, my quarantine begins tomorrow.

Mom asked me if I’d be binge watching anything during my self-imposed exile. Nothing came to mind. But then I jumped on Netflix to see if anything caught my eye. Last night, I came across Don’t F*** with Cats: Hunting an Internet Killer. Has anyone else seen this? Am I late to this one, too?

I feel like everyone’s on this Tiger King thing, which I’m sure I’ll get around to at some point in the next month. Here I am on this limited documentary series that really only caught my eye because I saw Don’t F*** with Cats. I didn’t see the subtitle when I clicked on it.

Honestly, I’m thinking this is gonna be a cute documentary about cat videos on YouTube. Specifically, cat videos that show cats for the vessels of evil we all know them to be. But, no… It’s about some guy who began his criminal career by killing kittens in an internet video.

As I write this, I’m only two episodes in, so I have no idea how this is all gonna play out in the end. But as of right now, it’s like a real life James Patterson novel. This is crazy.

Anyway, I’m gonna go drink some more water so I can make sure my veins are easy to find when they draw my blood this afternoon. And then I’ll properly quarantine when I get back. This introvert is about to enjoy himself immensely. I mean, don’t get me wrong… the pandemic is a horrible thing. But if there’s anyone who can enjoy this much alone time, it’s probably me.

What are you binge watching during your quarantine? How else are you spending your time? Let me know in the comments!

Feature Photo by L N on Unsplash


3 thoughts on “Late to the Quarantine Party

  1. We also had a call for blood donations but I saw it the day AFTER I got my tattoo so I’m out of qualified blood status for at least 6 months.

    I’m glad you are stocked and ready for your stay in. Make sure you don’t forget to go outside every day! I’m trying my best. Outside time today was limited to picking up my groceries from the front door because the girl delivering didn’t see my delivery note to go to the side door. But she did just do a two week shop for me so I’m not going to complain!

    Hope you enjoy your time in!

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  2. I’m from Italy and today is my 23rd day of quarantene. Which allowed me to be more producting than ever with my writing.
    Good thing too. It helped me take my brain away from bad news and worry.
    I never imagine to see such a thing in my life.

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