Rewatching Buffy – Episode 122

buffy-titleWelcome to Rewatching Buffy, the part of the blog where I rewatch Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Each Tuesday evening, you’re invited to join me as I attempt to rediscover what made me love this show so many years ago.


  • Buff and Anya are excited to see Giles standing in the doorway of the Magic Box.
  • Willow mocks him and his borrowed power.
  • Giles insists that he’s here to help her.
  • His borrowed power is enough to keep her on the floor.
  • Buffy tells Willow to listen to Giles because she doesn’t want to fight her anymore.
  • Willow agrees.
  • She wants to fight him instead.
  • Willow brings up the argument that she and Giles had about her abuse of magic to bring Buffy back to life.
  • He called her “a rank, arrogant amateur.”
  • Her response now: “Buckle up, Rupert. ‘Cause I’ve gone pro.”
  • Sidebar: The thing I love about this whole thing is that this is so not Willow.
  • She’s still a good person inside there.
  • But in becoming the villain of the story, she is so blinded by rage and her lust for power, the person she really is just can’t come to the surface.
  • Back to live action… Willow tries to cast a spell, but Giles binds her in some kind of thing that basically immobilizes her.
  • This gives Buffy a chance to hug her surrogate father.
  • Anya wants in on this action.
  • Giles walks up to Willow and offers his condolences regarding Tara.
  • Willow just tells him that this won’t hold her forever.
  • In the training room, Giles tells Buffy that a coven in England made him aware of an extremely powerful, dark magical force fueled by grief and rage that had risen in Sunnydale.
  • They imbued him with their power and he left right away.
  • Buffy gives Giles the “Previously on Buffy…” spiel.
  • When she gets to, “I’ve been sleeping with Spike,” Giles bursts into laughter.
  • Which is kind of how lots of people felt about season six in general.
  • You just have to laugh to keep from being so utterly depressed.
  • Out in the store, Anya is trying to clean up a little, but Willow interrupts with some telepathy.
  • She uses something akin to a Jedi mind trick to get Anya to free her from the binding spell.
  • Giles and Buffy’s conversation comes back to the question of why Buffy is back from the dead.
  • Then they question what will happen to Willow.
  • Giles says that, no matter what, Willow may never be the same, citing the fact that she’s killed a human being.
  • But then she comes in, holding an unconscious Anya in front of her.
  • “I wouldn’t worry about that. Willow doesn’t live here anymore.”
  • Giles magics Willow through a wall.
  • Xander and Dawn are still leading the nerds away.
  • He complains that he can’t even run away right.
  • Dawn says they should go back, but Xander squashes that.
  • Then Dawn says, “If Spike were here…”
  • Which leads Xander to spill the beans about Spike’s attempted rape and that the only good thing he ever did was finally leave town.
  • Meanwhile, Spike is still going through these trials, the latest of which involve a bunch of gnarly looking beetles crawling all over him.
  • Willow is still talking a good game as Giles is barely standing up and the Magic Box is falling apart around them.
  • He asks her what Tara would think about this, and Willow says he can ask her himself.
  • Buffy saves Giles from the killing blow, and Willow complains that Buffy is always saving people.
  • Then she creates a fireball that she sends after Jonathan and Andrew, saying it’ll bury them and anyone who’s helping them.
  • So Buffy rushes off to save Dawn and Xander.
  • Willow keeps toying with Giles, until he finally goads her into draining him of his borrowed magic.
  • Now she’s connected to… well… everything.
  • She’s feeling all of the pain and sorrow of humanity and she’s ready to make it all stop.
  • Time for another apocalypse.
  • Willow’s fireball finds the runaways and Buffy gets there just in time to knock them out of the way.
  • But Dawn falls into a pit and Buffy falls in right behind her.
  • Oh, and the nerds’ swords drop into the pit, too… that’ll be important later.
  • The nerds run away when they notice that Xander was knocked unconscious when he was thrown into a tombstone.
  • Anya comes to and emerges from the training room and checks on Giles.
  • He can see what Willow’s doing.
  • And he tells Anya he’s dying.
  • “It was the only way… I thought we… There’d be a chance…”
  • He tells Anya that Willow is going to end the world.
  • Buffy and Dawn try to climb out, but can’t quite get it.
  • And Dawn confronts Buffy about her not saying anything about what Spike did.
  • Xander wakes up and Buffy tells him to go get a rope.
  • But before he takes off, Anya teleports in to inform Buffy about Willow’s plan to kill the world.
  • Willow is raising an old Satanic temple on Kingman’s Bluff.
  • Anya says her plan is to drain the earth’s energy and channel it into some kind of demonic effigy that will destroy the everything.
  • Anya also throws in Giles’ warning that no magic or supernatural force can stop her at this point.
  • Buffy yells for Xander to get that rope, but he’s already gone.
  • Willow is aware of what Buffy is doing and gives her something to fight in the end.
  • “It was me who took you out of the earth. Well, now, the earth wants you back.”
  • And she sends some kind of mud/root monsters after Buffy and Dawn.
  • An endless supply for Buffy to fight until the world ends.
  • That’s nice of Willow, to give Buffy something to do.
  • This is where those swords come in handy.
  • Willow starts her apocalyptic ritual, sending dark energy into this scary looking statue.
  • Then Xander gets to Kingman’s Bluff and steps in the way of her energy transfer.
  • She tells him to get out of her way and when he doesn’t, she blasts him.
  • Giles wakes up and tells Anya it isn’t over.
  • Buffy and Dawn continue fighting and Buffy’s impressed with Dawn’s moves.
  • “What? You think I never watched you?”
  • Willow starts back up, and Xander gets in the way again.
  • “You can’t stop this!”
  • But Xander insists that he’s going to be there with her.
  • She’s his best friend and if it’s gonna be the end of the world, he wants to spend it with her.
  • “Is this your plan, you’re gonna tell me you love me?”
  • Yeah… that’s the plan.
  • And it works.
  • Xander repeating that he loves her pulls Willow out of her darkness until she returns to a place where she can properly grieve the loss of Tara.
  • Her hair goes back to red, the mud monsters vanish, and Giles recovers.
  • Giles explains to Anya that Xander managed to save the world.
  • The magic she stole from Giles tapped into the spark of humanity she had left, which gave Xander the opportunity to reach her.
  • In the pit, Buffy begins to cry.
  • Dawn doesn’t realize, at first, that it’s happy crying.
  • Because Dawn thought for sure that Buffy would have been fine with the world ending.
  • Buffy hugs Dawn and apologizes to her for the way things have been.
  • Buffy’s ready to embrace life once more.
  • Hey, remember Spike?
  • Remember those trials he’s been dealing with?
  • Yeah… apparently he passed.
  • His reward?
  • A soul.
  • See you next season, kids.
  • Body count: Mud Monsters – A bunch?

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