I Need Suggestions…

As a sort of birthday present to myself and, also, as a means of avoiding a severe anxiety attack from chronic overworking myself, I’m planning a vacation. Now, it’s not happening yet. Not until, probably, the first week of April.

I am really open to suggestions on this. Where do you think I should go?

I’m having a hard time with it, because I’m super indecisive. But I need to figure it out soon, so I can begin the process of booking a hotel and, if necessary, a flight.

When making suggestions, try to keep in mind that I’m something of a… how do I put this?… tight-fisted miser who hates to spend money. Not that I keep lots of money tied up in untouchable savings accounts or in little plastic bags inside my mattress.

Life has just had this tendency to teach me that whenever I have a little extra, something comes along to force me to spend more than I want. Thus, spending on something as frivolous important as a vacation tends to worry me a little. Because what happens if I get back from vacation and suddenly the transmission drops out of my car? It could happen.

Anyway… ignore all that about me hating to spend money. I need to spend money this time. I want to go somewhere and have a great time and also relax a little lot.

Help me out!Hobbit - Adventure

Feature Photo by Mohamed Ajufaan on Unsplash


7 thoughts on “I Need Suggestions…

  1. You mentioned relaxing so I would suggest a Spa of sorts . I agree with the resort idea that mastermixmovies suggested.
    I would have suggested Las Vegas.. because everyone should visit here, at leasta once, but you would definitely spend money.

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