Rewatching Buffy – Episode 120

buffy-titleWelcome to Rewatching Buffy, the part of the blog where I rewatch Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Each Tuesday evening, you’re invited to join me as I attempt to rediscover what made me love this show so many years ago.


  • We pick up right where we left off…
  • An ambulance is inbound to the Summers’ place.
  • The EMTs find Buffy with a gunshot wound lying on the ground, barely clinging to life.
  • Willow cradles Tara’s lifeless body upstairs in the house.
  • Her eyes go full dark and she invokes Osiris, demanding that Tara come back to life.
  • Some giant ugly face appears and refuses to return Tara.
  • Ugly explains that her death is a human death taken by human means.
  • Also, Ms. Rosenberg, you already brought someone to life within the last year.
  • I guess there’s a limit.
  • But she doesn’t like being told no, so she screams at Ugly and some kind of magic sonic wave comes out of her mouth that seems to hurt Ugly and drive it away.
  • Willow walks out the front door just as the EMTs are wheeling Buffy out to the ambulance.
  • Xander has a chance to quickly explain that Warren shot Buffy before he gets in the ambulance with her.
  • Willow, meanwhile, just says Warren’s name and quickly walks away from the house.
  • Jonathan and Andrew are in the Sunnydale jail.
  • They’re as stupid as ever.
  • Except Jonathan points out that Warren would have turned on Andrew, too, just like he turned on him.
  • Warren goes to a demon bar and offers to buy a round for everyone and brags about how he killed the Slayer.
  • None of the demons are buying it… especially when he says he killed Buffy with a gun.
  • They all laugh at Warren because they just saw on the news that a girl was shot in her back yard and that she’s recovering at the hospital.
  • Then they warn him that Slayers heal quickly and that she’ll be after him soon enough.
  • Willow walks into the Magic Box and Anya can sense that something terrible has happened.
  • She tries to stop Willow from accessing the black arts books in the restricted section upstairs, but Willow just waves a hand and basically paralyzes Anya.
  • Willow pulls a Carrie and brings all the books to her, then she just shoves her hands into the books and draws all of the writings into herself.
  • Now it isn’t just her eyes that are black… her hair’s gone black, too.
  • Dawn gets home and finds it strange that the front door is just wide open.
  • That should be a sign not to go in…
  • But she goes upstairs looking for Buffy and finds Tara’s dead body instead.
  • Warren visits Rack, that warlock that had Willow and Amy strung out on magic earlier in the season.
  • He’s demanding protection from the Slayer, but Rack warns him that the Slayer is the least of his problems.
  • He should worry about the witch… Willow’s the new power in town.
  • Rack tells him it’s just a matter of time before Willow finds him.
  • Warren pays Rack, who can’t guarantee anything against Willow’s pure fury.
  • Buffy is in surgery, but it’s not going great.
  • The electricity goes nuts and Willow appears.
  • She tells all the doctors to leave, and they obey.
  • Willow uses magic to remove the bullet and heal Buffy.
  • Oh, and she keeps the bullet… souvenir I guess…
  • Buffy regains consciousness and is confused about how she got to the hospital.
  • Willow tells Buffy she’ll explain what’s going on, but they have to go now.
  • It’s time to find Warren.
  • …Who is currently boarding a bus bound for Mexico.
  • In Xander’s car, Buffy’s concerned about Willow’s sudden return to magic.
  • They don’t really get why she’s made this sudden turn.
  • She controls the car until it intercepts Warren’s bus, then uses magic to stop the bus.
  • She gets Warren off the bus and begins to squeeze his neck, but it turns out to be a robot.
  • Rack’s mojo transferred Warren’s essence to the robot to trick Willow.
  • Then Willow explains why she’s going after Warren so hard… Tara is dead.
  • Buffy tries to talk sense into her, that they don’t go after people.
  • That’s what the police are for.
  • Xander is concerned that going this deep into magic, there may be no coming back.
  • “I’m not coming back.”
  • She uses magic to push Buffy and Xander to the ground, then walks away.
  • When they get up and look for her, she’s vanished.
  • Buffy and Xander get to the house and find Dawn sitting on the floor in front of Tara.
  • The coroner takes Tara’s body away.
  • Dawn is on board with the Willow-killing-Warren plan, but Buffy is sticking with the no killing humans rule.
  • Because the human world has its own laws to deal with people like him.
  • When Buffy won’t let Dawn go with them to find Willow and/or Warren, Dawn says she wants to stay with Spike.
  • Xander’s against this, but Buffy stops him from saying anything about what Spike did to Buffy last week.
  • He’s their only real choice.
  • They get to Spike’s crypt and find Clem crypt-sitting.
  • He’s surprised that Spike didn’t tell Buffy that he was leaving town for a while.
  • Elsewhere, Spike appears to be walking through a village in Africa, finding his way to a cave of some sort.
  • Some kind of demon asks if Spike seeks him… something about a woman… the Slayer.
  • “You want to return to your former self?”
  • The demon claims that Spike could never endure the trials required to grant his restoration.
  • Spike, however, is determined.
  • Xander goes to Anya, who reveals that she can sense Willow thanks to her thirst for vengeance.
  • Because she’s a vengeance demon again…
  • She lets Xander and Buffy know that Willow is close to finding Warren in the woods.
  • Warren manages to get behind Willow and buries an ax in her back.
  • Like that’s going to stop her now!
  • She’s not happy about being axed.
  • Then Warren tries a flying bomb, but that’s not gonna work either.
  • Now he’s out of tricks… but she’s not.
  • Warren tries to use the, “it wasn’t personal,” excuse.
  • Willow responds with, “Well, this is.”
  • He had one more trick up his sleeve, which slowed Willow for a moment…
  • But then she ties him up with roots and tree branches.
  • Warren still tries to talk a good game.
  • He’s terrified, but he still thinks he’s a big man who can kill anyone he wants and get away with it.
  • Willow brings forth an image of Katrina, Warren’s first homicide victim.
  • Anya leads Buffy and Xander through the woods to where Willow has Warren.
  • Willow pulls out the bullet she pulled out of Buffy.
  • She places it against his chest and it slowly pushes inside while she explains all that the bullet can do to him.
  • Then she’s tired of hearing him beg, so she sews his mouth closed.
  • The others arrive and try to talk Willow down…
  • She allows Warren to speak again, and he tries to tell her that he’s sorry and that he knows she’s one of the good guys, she’s not like him…
  • But then she just says, “Bored now…” and uses magic to flay the skin from his body.
  • So… yeah… Warren’s dead.
  • What’s left of him bursts into flame and vanishes.
  • Willow says, “One down…” before vanishing herself.
  • Y’all… Dark Willow is fantastic.
  • This makes the most lame parts of season six worth it.
  • Body count: Humans – 1

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