Rewatching Buffy – Episode 119

buffy-titleWelcome to Rewatching Buffy, the part of the blog where I rewatch Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Each Tuesday evening, you’re invited to join me as I attempt to rediscover what made me love this show so many years ago.

Seeing Red

  • Willow and Tara are back together and discussing the events of last week’s episode.
  • Willow didn’t actually figure out that Buffy and Spike were sleeping together.
  • But her conversation with Tara leads to Tara telling her that Buffy didn’t want anyone to know… that she was trying to figure everything out…
  • Buffy uses Willow’s info to track the trio back to their lair, but they’re not around.
  • Snooping around, she comes across some info that may help her find them again.
  • Also, they wrote “Too late!” on a white board and Buffy seeing this, I guess, triggered a bunch of huge circular saws trying to slice her to pieces.
  • Think, the first booby trap when Indiana Jones goes after the Holy Grail.
  • Buffy gets the stuff she grabbed from the basement to the house and they start trying to track down the nerds.
  • Willow suggests Xander, but Buffy doesn’t think they should bother him.
  • Dawn suggests Spike, but Buffy shuts that down real quick.
  • “Spike’s not part of the team.”
  • They don’t really want to bug Anya, either.
  • Because she’s busy being a vengeance demon… except she turns some girl’s issues into her own, overidentifying, and missing her chance to grant a wish.
  • The nerds, meanwhile, are in a cave taking down some kind of demon.
  • But the purpose is a little vague.
  • Dawn, on her way to spend the night at Janice’s, stops by Spike’s.
  • Why, Dawn? Ugh… you’re the worst.
  • She asks Spike if he loves Buffy… really…? “Then how could you do that to her?”
  • Which just pisses Spike off, because, in his defense, Buffy wasn’t exactly treating him great throughout their “relationship.”
  • Purpose revealed… Jonathan is wearing the demon’s skin so that he can safely pass through a barrier that only the demons can pass through.
  • He does this to retrieve a box containing the Orbs of Nabiscocon…
  • No, that’s not really what they’re called, but I’m not sure how to spell what it’s really called and Nabisco sounds funny.
  • These orbs provide the holder with superhuman strength.
  • So, of course, Warren is the one who gets to use them.
  • If the other two think for a second that he’s, at any point, going to share this new power, they should really stop kidding themselves.
  • Warren proves his power by killing another demon with his bare hands.
  • Then he promises the others that they’ll each get a turn with the orbs as soon as he’s done playing.
  • Buffy visits Xander…
  • Xander says he understands why Anya would hook up with Spike, but not Buffy.
  • Buffy tries to open up, explaining that no one knows how hard it’s been for her since she was brought back.
  • Just being alive again…
  • Xander’s not exactly understanding.
  • He points out that Spike doesn’t have a soul, just a leash that the government shoved into his brain.
  • He asks if she’d trust Spike around Dawn if that chip ever stopped working.
  • Xander goes drinking at The Bronze.
  • Remember when that was a place for high school kids to hang out?
  • The nerds show up and Warren’s ready to pick a fight.
  • Buffy slays a vampire on patrol, as a Slayer does.
  • Then she returns home, hurting and ready to relax.
  • Spike shows up and confronts Buffy in her bathroom.
  • She tells him to leave, but he won’t.
  • He tells her that he went to Anya for a spell because he wants to make the feelings stop.
  • Then he tells her she should’ve let Xander kill him.
  • But she couldn’t do that.
  • He assumes it’s because she loves him, but she denies it.
  • Buffy has feelings for him, yes… but she doesn’t love him.
  • Then he begins to force himself on her.
  • This is a really difficult scene to watch.
  • She manages to throw him off of her, but the damage is done.
  • “Ask me again why I could never love you!”
  • At this point, she realizes she should have stopped Spike a long time ago.
  • Back at The Bronze, Warren is being super creepy trying to pick up some other guy’s girlfriend.
  • And then he picks a fight with the guy.
  • And the guy’s friends.
  • No one is impressed.
  • Xander misses out on the super strength portion of the show and confronts Warren.
  • He makes an off handed comment about Anya hooking up with Spike, which convinces him to go for a gut punch.
  • But that doesn’t go well and Warren knocks him across the room.
  • Jonathan convinces Warren to leave, saying they’ll miss some thing they’re planning.
  • Xander goes to Buffy and finds her on the floor of the bathroom, still in tears.
  • Before he can really put two and two together, Tara and Willow arrive with info about what the nerds will be doing.
  • Xander warns Buffy that Warren is super strong, but she’s okay with that because it means she won’t have to hold back.
  • Back at Spike’s crypt, he’s feeling the guilt over what he did.
  • Clem happens to stop by giving Spike a chance to talk through his next moves.
  • He brags about killing two Slayers in his day.
  • He’s blaming the chip for making him feel the way he does about Buffy.
  • “I can’t be a monster; I can’t be a man… I’m nothing.”
  • Spike decides it’s time to make a serious change.
  • The nerds attack an armored car and Buffy shows up to stop them.
  • Buffy and Warren fight… but why is Warren able to put up a fight?
  • I mean, yeah, he’s super strong, but he doesn’t have the moves that Buffy has.
  • Jonathan “attacks” Buffy in order to secretly clue her in on the orbs.
  • She smashes the orbs and takes him down.
  • Then he reveals he has a jetpack and flies away.
  • Andrew has one, too… Jonathan not so much.
  • But when Andrew tries to use his, he crashes into an overhang and knocks himself out.
  • Jonathan and Andrew are arrested while Warren got away.
  • Andrew seems really hurt that Warren left him…
  • Spike’s leaving town on his motorcycle.
  • That’s gonna be rough once the sun rises.
  • The next day Willow and Tara notice Xander talking to Buffy in the back yard.
  • This time their talk goes better than the one in his apartment.
  • But then Warren interrupts, barging into the yard…
  • With a gun.
  • He yells at Buffy then starts shooting wildly as he runs away.
  • He hits Buffy in the chest…
  • While another bullet goes through the upstairs window… and through Tara’s heart.
  • We’re left with a grieving Willow and her dark, glowing eyes.
  • Body count: Demons – 2; Vampires – 1; Humans – 1

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