Rewatching Angel – Episode 63

Angel - TitleWelcome to Rewatching Angel, the part of the blog where I rewatch the Buffy the Vampire Slayer spin-off: Angel. Each Tuesday evening, you’re invited to join me as I attempt to rediscover what made me love these shows so many years ago.

The Price

  • Everyone is helping Angel put his room back together.
  • But he’s not so much about the moving on as much as putting things back the way they used to be.
  • Then Angel decides he needs to take care of their business and goes downstairs in case a walk-in walks in.
  • Sure enough… a walk-in comes in looking for Angel Investigations.
  • But no one’s in the lobby at the moment.
  • And then some kind of transparent slug inserts itself into the random walk-in’s mouth.
  • Angel comes down and is excited to greet the man, but he just says, “We have to go,” and walks out.
  • Cordelia comes down and Angel mentions that they need to figure out how to get rid of the stained pentagram on the floor because he thinks it scared the client away.
  • She confronts him about the pentagram and the dark magic Angel performed and the price that may still come.
  • Then she confronts him about not calling her when everything was happening, thinking she could have come back and helped in some way.
  • At a nearby smoothie shop, the walk-in is going nuts drinking all the peach smoothies.
  • At Wolfram & Hart, Gavin and Lilah discuss Angel’s turn to the dark side… a conversation which seems to go nowhere expect provide exposition for people who’ve missed the last few episodes.
  • Groo and Cordelia try cleaning the floor, but the pentagram isn’t coming off.
  • Fred wants Cordy to try and talk to Angel about Wesley, but she won’t.
  • Cordy has a vision about Angel being thrown across the room, then Lorne walks into the Hyperion with news about the crazy stuff happening at the smoothie place across the street.
  • Angel recognizes the walk-in… who looks like he’s had better days.
  • The walk-in’s skin is dried and cracked… like a desert.
  • The walk-in yells, “We’re thirsty!” at Angel, then attacks him with a blender.
  • Angel knocks him out with one hit, then they bring him back to the hotel.
  • The walk-in wakes up and tells Angel that all of this is happening because of him, then he falls forward and becomes dust when he hits the floor.
  • He was really dehydrated.
  • Lorne points out it wasn’t the man who blamed Angel, it was the transparent slug that crawled out of the guy’s body that said it.
  • The gang decides to sweep the hotel, looking for the slug, while Fred is assigned to research what this thing could be.
  • Lorne and Angel team up and Angel angrily explains that he knows there’s a price for dark magic, and even though it amounted to nothing, to try and get his son back, he’d do it again in a heartbeat.
  • They find the slug drinking from the back of a toilet and Angel manages to pin it to the floor with a dagger.
  • For a moment, they think it’s dead, but then it quickly slithers away.
  • While Fred and Gunn discuss the difficulty of researching things like this, two more slugs quietly drop through a tear in reality in the lobby.
  • Back at Wolfram & Hart, Gavin points out to Lilah that what’s happening at the hotel right now is a result of the spell that she helped Angel perform.
  • The Senior Partners might not look too favorably on Angel dying thanks to a spell Lilah helped him with.
  • Groo and Cordelia come across another slug, cluing them in on the fact that there’s more than one.
  • Angel decides these things are easier to see in the dark, so they all leave Fred to keep researching while they go to the basement to cut the power.
  • But while Fred’s all alone, she’s infected by one of the slugs.
  • In the south wing of the hotel, which they never use, the gang hears a lot of noise coming from one chained up room.
  • Gunn goes to check on Fred and she just talks about being scared.
  • Gunn thinks he’s talking to Fred until he watches her break a snow globe to get to the water.
  • He takes Fred to the others in the south wing ballroom.
  • Fred has a moment of lucidity and explains that these things want to get out so they can kill more people.
  • Oh, and the slugs really don’t like Angel.
  • Groo finds the source of the noise they were hearing, coming from under the floor.
  • There are tons of slugs just chillin’ under there.
  • So the gang takes off… and slugs chase.
  • They hide in the kitchen and Angel tells them to turn on the ovens to make the air as hot and dry as possible.
  • Lilah makes arrangements to clean out the hotel before Linwood could find out.
  • But Gavin’s already informed him.
  • He claims Linwood said to let Angel die…
  • Oh, and that he would deal with Lilah when he’s back in town.
  • Back at the hotel, Fred’s slug is interrogated by Angel…
  • The slugs are terrified.
  • They’re coming through the rift because they’re fleeing something…
  • The Destroyer.
  • And the Destroyer is coming for Angel.
  • Gunn slipped out without anyone noticing and goes to Wesley for help.
  • Wes isn’t interested in helping, but then Gunn mentions that Fred’s the one infected.
  • He decides to help because it’s Fred, tossing Gunn a bottle of vodka, then warns him not to come to him again.
  • Any of them.
  • Angel decides that everyone else should get Fred to a hospital, where they can at least keep her hydrated, hopefully long enough for them to figure out a cure.
  • He stays behind and gives the slugs what they want… all the water.
  • Cordelia decides to stay with Angel, much to Groo’s dissatisfaction.
  • I think Groo’s noticing that Cordelia’s heart really lies with Angel.
  • Gunn gets back and stops the others from taking Fred out, forcing her to drink the alcohol.
  • The alcohol dehydrates Fred, forcing the slug to leave her body, giving Groo a chance to kill it.
  • Angel and Cordelia fight the slugs, then Cordelia catches one in her hand… and then she starts glowing, annihilating all the slugs.
  • Once everything’s calm, Lorne reminds everyone that the Destroyer is coming.
  • And Fred remembers the slug’s thoughts about the Destroyer, warning that it’s coming now.
  • Then a huge monster falls through the rift… but that’s not the Destroyer.
  • Because the monster is followed by a teenage kid who immediately kills the monster.
  • Then the kid looks directly at Angel and says, “Hi, Dad.”
  • So we’re clear on this, my feelings toward Connor are roughly the same as my feelings toward Dawn.
  • I find them both obnoxious… but necessary… mostly. Ugh…
  • Body count: Humans – 1; Transparent Demon Slugs – all of them

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