Question of the Week #209

If you could script the basic plot for the dream you will have tonight, what would the story be?

Well, it involves a feather boa and the theme to A Summer Place. I can’t discuss it here.

Not really… that’s actually a quote from a TV show. Bonus points if you can tell me what it comes from.

I’m not sure how I would plot tonight’s dream. I generally enjoy the dreams I have. At least, I enjoy the ones I remember. I know we all dream every night, I just don’t always remember every dream from every night. The ones I remember are pretty weird and occasionally awesome.

I guess if I could plan out what tonight’s dreams will be, I wouldn’t mind having a dream vacation. At a dream beach where I can enjoy the sand, but it doesn’t get everyone like real sand does. Also, this dream beach will not be crowded. Just a few people here and there. The sun will be out, but it won’t be unbearably bright. It’ll be warm, but there will be a breeze. And it won’t be remotely humid. I know, this beach does not exist on earth. That’s why it’s a dream. Also, a handful of my bestest friends would be at the beach house hanging out. Also, my celebrity crush of the moment would be next to me on the beach. Nothing inappropriate, but she and I would definitely be hitting it off. Also, I’d be able to fly.

What would your dream look like if you could plan it out? Let me know in the comments below!

*The Question of the Week can be found in The Book of Questions by Gregory Stock, Ph.D.

Feature Photo by Josh Hild on Unsplash


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