Question of the Week #204

Running too quickly on an icy sidewalk in front of a neighbor’s house, you slip and break your leg. Would you be likely to sue the owner of the house if you were confident you could win the suit because of his negligence in shoveling the snow?

First of all, why am I running on an icy sidewalk? If I’m running when the sidewalks are potentially covered with ice, then I’m either trying to get away from a polar bear or I’m desperate to escape a hoard of zombies. Either way, a broken leg is the least of my worries.

But to answer the question, no… that would be unlikely.

A lawsuit can be hurtful. I think the only situation in which I may be tempted to sue someone that I would likely run into on a regular basis in the future would be if that person was unreasonable regarding his or her homeowners’ insurance covering my medical bills. X-rays aren’t cheap.

In a way, I understand why lawsuits are a thing. I sort of get why people ask for more than what would cover a hospital bill. If the broken leg means I can’t work for a certain amount of time, something’s gonna have to cover me so I can still make ends meet.

I’d be more likely to sue a large corporation if they didn’t clear their sidewalk or parking lot. Like if I was at Walmart and broke my leg. The subject of that suit would be a faceless corporation that has billions of dollars at their disposal.

But a neighbor? Like I said, this is probably someone I have to see on a regular-ish basis for the foreseeable future. So… I’d rather not get tangled up in legal proceedings.

What about you? Are you likely to sue someone if you’re injured on their property? Let me know down in the comments!

*The Question of the Week can be found in The Book of Questions by Gregory Stock, Ph.D.

4 thoughts on “Question of the Week #204

  1. I’m with you, why am I running on an icy sidewalk in the first place? I feel like that lawsuit would be hard to win. If you did win it, what’s to stop anyone from finding a house with ice out in front and “falling” just to make some money?

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    • I’m pretty sure people do that. In the US, anyway… a lot of lawsuit happy folks around here. A good 70% of local advertisement is bought up by attorneys who want me to sue somebody. They all have their specialties: personal injury, tractor trailer accident, mesothelioma… Makes me hate watching live TV.

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      • Ohhh well this explains all the injury attorney commercials I saw whenever I watched Judge Judy (or anything on FOX) back in the day. It also explains all the billboards on the highway in Buffalo of all the lawyers you can hire.

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  2. I could solve this with 4 simple words: why am I running? LOL I miss running but also don’t because it’s from Satan himself!! But Canadian health care covers the cost of all those things you listed up there so no concerns. Maybe if my neighbour kept it icy on purpose? But for an accident? No. I slipped and bruised my tailbone last winter and it didn’t even cross my mind to sue the person who owned the house. The sidewalks are cleaned by the city apparently? Idk

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