Movie Nights

Back in my Bluefield College days, specifically during my sophomore year, my roommates and I played host to a weekly movie night. Typically, these would happen sometime on Wednesday evenings, after the Baptist Student Union’s weekly Bible study/worship time that we called GAP (Growth And Praise).

Looking back, I’m not sure how these movie nights became so popular. It’s not like we had the greatest entertainment system in our dorm room. Our TV was a 13 inch TV/VCR combo that I brought with me from home. Imagine yourself and about a dozen other people crammed into a dorm room trying to watch a movie on a television that small.

I can’t imagine it was my charismatic personality that drew people in. And it couldn’t have been our eclectic movie choices, which ranged from The Prince of Egypt to Raiders of the Lost Ark to The Shining.

With that year of college being 20 years behind me, it’s likely I’ll never actually know why people decided that movie night was a swell time.

But it was fun for me. It gave me an excuse to watch movies. It made me feel like I was sort of popular. I wasn’t used to that.

I’d always felt invisible in high school. Freshman year at Bluefield wasn’t much better. I’m not saying I was invisible… just my self-perception. Sophomore year changed all that. I started feeling like people saw me. Knew me. Liked me.

These days, I’m a super introvert. Maybe I’m just a regular introvert. All that means is that I definitely enjoy my alone time and I tend to be uncomfortable in new situations where crowds are concerned. But every now and then, I still like getting together with people and having the social interaction.

Yesterday, I had a chance to invite some people over to see my apartment. Since moving to Roanoke, I haven’t had many opportunities to hang out with the friends I left behind in Blacksburg. And while not everyone could make it, I really enjoyed seeing the ones who did stop by.

While folks came and went, I had movies playing quietly in the background. Most of the time was spent talking about various topics, but occasionally attention would be drawn to whatever was happening on screen.

It got me thinking about those old movie nights in college. It got me wondering, if I were to institute a weekly movie night, would anyone come?

Again… they wouldn’t come for my entertainment system. I mean… my TV is a lot better than the old 13 inch thing I had back in the day. However, by today’s standards, it’s certainly not the biggest nor the best. Would my charming personality and a tiny apartment be enough to draw people in? I do have more than enough movies to choose from. I’d almost be like a Blockbuster Video if such a thing still existed.

So who’s up for a movie?

Feature Photo by Denise Jans on Unsplash


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