Rewatching Buffy – Episode 106

buffy-titleWelcome to Rewatching Buffy, the part of the blog where I rewatch Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Each Tuesday evening, you’re invited to join me as I attempt to rediscover what made me love this show 22 years ago.

All the Way

  • It’s Halloween and Xander is dressed like a pirate.
  • He’s wearing an eye patch. Foreshadowing… Except it’s on the wrong eye.
  • It’s a busy day at the Magic Box and Willow keeps getting offended when she sees people dressed up as witches.
  • Get over it…
  • Meanwhile, Dawn is stealing things.
  • Well… she stole a necklace/pendant thing.
  • Buffy is helping out again, but this time she’s not caught in a time loop.
  • She runs into Spike in the basement and he offers to patrol with her, but she’s gonna stay at the shop and help out.
  • So he goes home to watch It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!
  • Good choice.
  • When Buffy gets back upstairs, she realizes she’d much rather patrol, but Giles talks her out of it, citing the fact that Halloween is traditionally the quietest night of the year as far as the forces of darkness are concerned.
  • Except for that time when everyone became their costumes.
  • And that time a tiny fear demon possessed a frat house.
  • Other than that…
  • Cut to an old man who gives off a sort of creepy vibe.
  • He’s walking home, presumably from the grocery store.
  • He looks out his window at the kids trick or treating and mumbles something about giving them something special this year…
  • …As he pulls out a very large kitchen knife.
  • Everyone is exhausted after a busy day at the shop.
  • As they’re sitting around, Xander watches Anya from across the room and says, “I’m gonna marry that girl.”
  • So this is when he finally announces their engagement.
  • I can’t tell if everyone’s happy for them or not.
  • As Xander and Anya kiss/make out in celebration, Giles removes his glasses to clean them.
  • Buffy notices and asks, “Is that why you’re always cleaning your glasses? So you don’t have to see what we’re doing?”
  • Hilarious…
  • Back at the house, there’s an impromptu engagement party and Willow spontaneously uses magic to decorate the place.
  • This leads to a stern lecture from Tara about Willow using magic too often when problems could easily be solved naturally.
  • Dawn ducks out of the party. Her plan is to spend the night at Janice’s.
  • But as she turns down a dark alley… never a good idea in Sunnydale.
  • And that’s where she meets this “Janice” person.
  • They’ve done the thing where they tell each other’s guardians that they’re staying at each other’s houses.
  • Do kids actually think this works? Does it actually work?
  • I don’t know… I never did it as a kid and I don’t plan on having kids.
  • They meet up with some undesirably dudes in the park, then go on a Halloween pranking spree.
  • I can’t decide if these teenage guys are evil or just douche bags.
  • I think I’d like them more if they were just evil.
  • Their next target is the creepy old man who has something special for the kids this year.
  • This quartet of hoodlum teens are all daring each other to smash the old man’s jack-o-lantern.
  • So, of course, Dawn goes for it.
  • But as she lifts the pumpkin over her head, the old man grabs her arm.
  • Then he invites them all inside for a special treat.
  • He tells his sad story about how he used to design toys but some incident made him stop.
  • One of the guys goes with the old man to the kitchen to help cook whatever these treats are.
  • The old man is still kind of sketchy.
  • But before he can show us if he’s really a Superman villain, the kid turns out to be a vampire.
  • As the old man dies, he knocks over a pan of Rice Krispies treats.
  • That’s what the knife was for… to cut up the treats…
  • The girls run out after the guy says he swiped the old man’s wallet while he wasn’t looking.
  • The guys take their time leaving and they discuss whether they should just feed on the girls or go all the way and turn them.
  • Buffy and Xander take a break from the party and talk outside.
  • I think it’s pretty clear that Xander is still having those second thoughts.
  • Dawn brags to her fella of the night that she steals all the time.
  • I never really understood why Dawn’s kleptomania was a thing.
  • I mean, it does lead to some plot device issues in other episodes, but it doesn’t make much sense for what we know of her character.
  • Maybe it’s an attempt to give her more of a dark side.
  • Up to now, we just know her as an obnoxious, whiny brat.
  • Anyway, the other guy steals a car from a lady he’s fed on… but he leaves her alive.
  • Buffy comes across the EMTs loading the lady into an ambulance, so she’s now on her guard.
  • Meanwhile, Giles receives a call at house. It’s Janice’s mom calling to check up on her daughter.
  • See? When does that ploy ever work out for these kids?
  • In the stolen car, Dawn receives her first kiss from the vampire kid.
  • The other vampire kid is chasing Janice through the woods.
  • Willow and Tara go to the Bronze to look for the girls.
  • It’s loud and crowded. So Willow begins to use magic to shift everyone who isn’t a 15 year old girl into an alternate dimension.
  • Tara asks Willow what Giles would say, and Willow accuses Tara of talking about her with Giles behind her back.
  • Tara is seriously concerned about Willow relying too much on magic, asking if she should just sit back and say nothing.
  • “I wish you would!”
  • Wow…
  • Willow is spiraling.
  • Dawn and the vampire are still making out in the car. But he’s vamped out now.
  • Buffy stops by Spike’s crypt. Giles has already been there to let him know about Dawn and Janice.
  • Giles is at the cemetery and hears Janice scream.
  • He’s able to stop the car-stealing vampire before he gets too far with her, managing to stake him on a tree.
  • Dawn recognizes that her guy is a vampire and runs out of the car.
  • He offers to turn her.
  • Just as he’s about to feed on Dawn, Giles shows up, offering him the easy way or the hard way.
  • Then a bunch of car headlights come on and out come a whole gang of vampires.
  • Spike and Buffy show up in time for a big fight to break out.
  • All of the vampires are dusted, including Dawn’s would-be boyfriend. I count six slayed vamps.
  • Back at the house, Dawn is slightly distraught.
  • Giles clearly wants Buffy to deal with Dawn and have a conversation about the behavior that led to her being prey for vampires.
  • But he’s not explicit in that desire, so Buffy chimes in with a quick, “I’m glad you’re here to take care of it.”
  • Tara and Willow argue some more about the magic use.
  • Willow’s response? A quick, quiet forgetting spell, causing Tara to go to bed happy, as if nothing is wrong at all.
  • Body count: Humans – 1; Vampires – 7

One thought on “Rewatching Buffy – Episode 106

  1. Fun Halloween episode although not as good as the one from season 2. Interesting how you point out the eye patch foreshadowing with Xander. I love how Joss has so many elements like that sprinkled throughout the show. It’s always fun when re-watching it to see how many you can notice now.

    Great read! 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

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