Rewatching Angel – Episode 50

Angel - TitleWelcome to Rewatching Angel, the part of the blog where I rewatch the Buffy the Vampire Slayer spin-off: Angel. Each Tuesday evening, you’re invited to join me as I attempt to rediscover what made me love these shows so many years ago.


  • Angel and Cordelia are hanging out in the basement.
  • He’s training her… teaching her how to use a sword.
  • Turns out, she’s a fast learner.
  • Over at the law firm of Wolfram & Hart, Lilah walks into her office to find Gavin talking with a guy named Billy.
  • Billy’s the guy that Angel was forced pull out of a cage made of fire earlier this season.
  • Billy’s family is concerned because he’s out and about by himself, which is what led to his own private cage in hell last time.
  • When they take him home, Lilah tries to force Gavin out of her office.
  • But he comes back at her with a lot of tough guy talk. Then just flat out beats the crap out of her.
  • Team Angel is hanging out at Wesley’s.
  • Cordelia is the only one who noticed that this was Wesley’s flimsy excuse to hang out socially with Fred.
  • She tries to tell Wes to just tell Fred how he feels… and then she has a vision.
  • But it’s a vision of a man killing his wife in a convenience store… a week ago.
  • Why would the Powers That Be give a vision a week after it happened?
  • Police report says that the husband killed his wife because she wouldn’t stop talking.
  • In the surveillance photo, Angel notices Billy in the store, 20 minutes before the murder occurred.
  • Cordelia thinks the Powers made her experience that woman’s death because it’s her fault she’s dead.
  • Angel tries to convince her that neither of them is responsible, so he goes to visit the woman who is.
  • He kicks in Lilah’s door, but he can’t enter without the invite.
  • But Angel can still see Lilah’s battered face.
  • She tells him that Billy never touched her and that Angel can’t touch Billy.
  • No one can.
  • I feel like Team Angel will figure out a way.
  • The guys track down Billy’s family estate, where Angel jumps over the wall to investigate.
  • Angel is able to enter without invitation… Billy’s not quite human.
  • Billy claims he’s never hurt a woman… he just likes to watch others do it.
  • The police show up right after Angel breaks in, arresting Billy in connection to a murder that he actually called them about.
  • As he’s being arrested, he touches the officer’s arm, leaving a glowing hand print that quickly fades into the officer’s skin.
  • On the way to the precinct, the officer attacks his female partner who’s driving the car.
  • Angel decides to go to the police station, but Fred’s been listening to the police scanner.
  • Billy never made it to the station.
  • Angel can tell that some of the blood in the police car isn’t human… it’s Billy.
  • He’s hurt, so Angel can track him.
  • Wesley takes some of Billy’s blood, hoping to try and determine what exactly he is.
  • At the hotel, Cordelia gets a stun gun, intent on going out to find Billy herself.
  • Fred tries to talk her out of it, but she goes anyway.
  • Enter Wes, who asks Fred to help him with the blood tests.
  • Cordelia goes to Lilah… she manages to convince her to help find Billy.
  • Lilah explains that Billy’s power only works on men, releasing a primordial misogyny.
  • Angel comes across another crime scene… a taxi driver beat a woman that he was giving a ride to.
  • Billy shows up at one of his cousin’s places during a party. The cousin is extremely concerned that Billy has shown up.
  • Things seem to be going well with Fred assisting Wesley… and then Billy’s power begins to affect him.
  • He starts by talking down to Fred. Then there’s an implied threat… should Fred ever “lie” to him again.
  • Then he moves on to lecturing her about the “provocative” outfits she wears.
  • And then he slaps her.
  • She tries to run out of the hotel, but he stops her and throws her against the stairs.
  • Angel tracks Billy to the cousin’s place, and makes it clear he wants to kill Billy. So the cousin invites him in.
  • But Billy is already gone. He got some cash and left.
  • Cordelia has already stopped by, he sent her on to a private airfield where Billy was headed.
  • Wes is searching for Fred throughout the hotel. With an ax.
  • It’s all very The Shining.
  • At the airfield, before Billy can get on his private jet, Cordelia confronts him on the tarmac.
  • He thinks she’s there to whine and complain about the injustice of being used to break him out of hell.
  • She stuns him and pulls a crossbow and says, “No, I’m here to send you back.”
  • Back at the hotel Wes continues chasing Fred, but Gunn has arrived… to help? or to hurt?
  • Angel arrives in time to stop Cordelia from killing him. He wants to do it himself.
  • But she tries to stop him in return… because Billy’s next move is to put his hands on Angel’s face.
  • And we see those same hand prints quickly fade into Angel’s skin.
  • Wanna bet his power doesn’t translate to vampires?
  • At the hotel, Gunn pulls Fred into a room and helps block the doors.
  • Fred explains what’s wrong with Wes and Gunn tells her that he picked up the bloody hand print, too.
  • Wes is trying to hack the door down… just as Gunn is feeling Billy’s thrall.
  • Meanwhile, Angel begs Cordelia to leave. But she refuses to go, because all of this is happening because of her.
  • Angel sounds like he’s gonna attack, but then he turns on Billy.
  • Yep… no power over the vampire.
  • Back at the hotel, Gunn breaks off a chair leg and tells Fred to knock him out. She does, just before he can try to get the leg back from her.
  • Billy and Angel keep fighting… until Lilah shows up and shoots Billy dead.
  • She says nothing and walks away.
  • Wes manages to break into the room… and Fred manages to knock him out, too, using an ingenious little trap that she built.
  • When it’s all over, Wesley is back at his apartment feeling sorry for himself… feeling guilty over attacking this woman that he was quickly falling for.
  • Fred shows up at Wesley’s door and tries to talk him into coming back to work. She knows that what happened wasn’t his fault.
  • In his guilt, he can barely speak to her…
  • Once she leaves, all he can do is cry.
  • Body count: Billys – 1

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