Rewatching Angel – Episode 46

Angel - TitleWelcome to Rewatching Angel, the part of the blog where I rewatch the Buffy the Vampire Slayer spin-off: Angel. Each Tuesday evening, you’re invited to join me as I attempt to rediscover what made me love these shows so many years ago.

That Vision Thing

  • Gunn and Wes discuss how they should treat Cordelia, since she’s having more trouble with her visions.
  • When they greet her with fake sincerity, Fred grades them from under the table where she’s hiding.
  • Gavin, from Wolfram & Hart intrudes on the moment. Angel walks in just in time for the sleazy attorney to hand over documentation of 57 building code violations.
  • Angel is excited when he notices that Fred is out and about.
  • She’s excited that he’s excited (someone’s got a crush), but that’s interrupted by a seriously damaging vision.
  • Cordelia sends Angel after a Chinese coin and a clawed beast.
  • She goes to the restroom to recuperate and pulls up her shirt to show that the beast from her vision left claw marks across her stomach.
  • Cordy has claw marks on her arms and back, too. But she hides all that when Angel checks on her before leaving for Chinatown.
  • In an herbalist’s shop, the two sweet old folks running it say Angel’s not welcome. Vampire thing…
  • Turns out, they’re the clawed beasts… and they reveal this as soon as Wes asks about the coin.
  • A fight ensues and, once grandma and grandpa are knocked out, Angel grabs the coin from around the old man’s neck.
  • Lilah Morgan is feeling a bit threatened by Gavin’s movement into her Special Projects territory.
  • In her office, she’s entertaining Kumar (of Harold & Kumar). He’s wearing a fez and being real obvious about it. Must be on a Doctor Who kick.
  • Fred gets Cordelia home and just as she’s trying to get Fred out of her apartment, she has another vision.
  • This time, she loses consciousness and some kind of burns or boils appear on her face and neck.
  • Can’t hide those…
  • The guys meet at Cordelia’s place and are thrown by her visions having a physical manifestation.
  • Something is clearly wrong. Why would he Powers That Be send visions that harm her.
  • Fred suggests trying to ask the PTB why they’re doing this to Cordy.
  • Angel goes to find the key and the demon from Cordelia’s latest vision.
  • Gunn takes Fred back to the Hyperion, but when they get there, the place is being fumigated… in the middle of the night… that’s not sketchy at all.
  • Angel gets back to Cordy’s with the key and Lorne is there trying to help trace the calls back to the Powers.
  • Cordelia is concerned that she could lose the visions. She doesn’t want that because, if she does, how would she be able to help the team.
  • Lorne sort of works on hypnotizing Cordelia…
  • Kumar in the fez fills out tax forms so the firm can pay him. Turns out, he’s the one causing the uber-bad visions. Oh, and when he takes off the fez, his brain is exposed.
  • He sends a fiery vision while Lorne is trying to read Cordelia. It sends him flying across the room and Cordelia is covered in some serious burns.
  • Angel talks to Cordelia again and she admits how scared she is.
  • Fred and Lorne break the news that the visions are not coming from the Powers.
  • Someone local is hacking Cordelia’s brain.
  • Angel pays Lilah a visit, figuring she’s behind the bad visions. He takes her the coin and the key.
  • She informs him that if he doesn’t go after a man who’s been “unfairly” imprisoned, the visions will continue.
  • Wes studies the coin and key and discover that the guardians of both objects were good guys.
  • Together, the coin and key open a portal to a demon dimension.
  • Angel steps inside… but the weapons he had stocked up on get left behind.
  • He finds himself in a dark chamber and follows the light down some stairs.
  • There he finds a fiery box with a man inside who is also on fire.
  • Angel is greeted by a scary, Xenomorph looking demon called Skip who is guarding the fire guy.
  • Turns out, it’s Skip’s will that keeps the fire going. Also keeps the guy inside from being heard. “I mean, there’s only so many ‘Oh, my God, the pain! Please make it stops’ you can listen to…”
  • Skip and Angel talk a bit. They’re on the same side. The guy has to be pretty bad to be sent to this kind of prison.
  • But Angel has to retrieve this scumbag… So they fight.
  • Angel manages to knock Skip out, which extinguishes the fiery prison and releases the prisoner.
  • Lilah waits for Angel in the LA river. He tells her to take care of Cordelia and she gets her guy.
  • Lilah goes to a limo and says something to Kumar. Cordelia is healed, Fred confirms by phone with Wes.
  • The ex-prisoner is released into Wolfram & Hart custody and he gets into another limo, staring Angel down.
  • I’m sure we’ll see this guy again.
  • Lilah says it’s just business… Angel agrees as Lilah heads toward the limo with Kumar.
  • Before she can get in, however, Angel throws a piece of rebar through the window and into Kumar’s head, killing him instantly.
  • He warns Lilah that, if she ever comes at him through Cordy again, he’ll kill her.
  • Cordelia, feeling better, wonders about the what if… She wonders what that guy could do and feels like it’s her fault.
  • Angel explains that she was more important than winning this time. And he’ll deal with the consequences later.
  • Meanwhile, in Honduras… Darla visits a shaman. She wants to know how it’s possible for two vampires to procreate. It should not be.
  • He does a blood ritual and puts his hands on Darla’s belly, but is quickly thrown back.
  • “This is not meant to be known!”
  • That’s when Darla decides it’s time to go visit daddy.
  • Body count: Brainy stoners – 1

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