So How Do We Feel About Vlogging?

It’s funny…

Once upon a time, I followed someone’s YouTube channel who refused to call what she did vlogging. She didn’t shorten it at all. Her channel was a video blog. She felt like the word “vlog” seemed, in some way, vulgar.

I mean, they do share several letters. I guess I can see it.

I have no qualms about using the word “vlog.” Nor do I have an issue with its gerund form, vlogging.

But this post isn’t so much about the words that make us uncomfortable. This post is about how I’m thinking about starting a YouTube channel of my very own.

Don’t worry, I’m not one of those irrational preteens who vehemently believes that if I record myself playing enough Fortnite, I’ll have all kinds of sponsors and I’ll suddenly make millions each year.

Though… that seems to be happening more and more for YouTubers…

I don’t think I’d fall into any of those interesting categories, though. At least, not any that would make me a solid investment for any real YouTube dollars.

I suck at modern video games (there’s just too many buttons!), I don’t play with toys (nor do I film that kind of thing for countless small children to watch for hours on end), I don’t care about showing off what packages come in the mail (apparently unboxing videos are a huge thing).

So where do I fit into this whole YouTube Youniverse?

Basically, it would be a vlog. A lot like this blog… with no discernible niche in which to fit.

This could be a mistake. I mean, no one’s ever insulted me to my face by saying anything like I have a face for radio (or, I guess, podcasts these days…). But not everyone on YouTube is super attractive, right? Just the ones who are making six figures.

The thing is, I enjoyed putting videos together back when I was working for my church. That’s a part of the job I really miss. I recently had a chance to put together a video for a friend and her kids’ school’s PTA. It was a lot of fun. And I like exploring new ways to express some creativity.

Maybe it’s the kind of thing that will interest me for a while. Maybe I’ll realize it’s a lot of work… too much work for someone with a full-time job. Maybe it’ll actually strike a chord with someone and one of my videos will go viral and I’ll have millions of subscribers in my first two weeks like that girl who lives in a van in California.

No clue how this will turn out… But I’ll keep you posted.

Feature Photo by Kon Karampelas on Unsplash


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