Rewatching Angel – Episode 47

Angel - TitleWelcome to Rewatching Angel, the part of the blog where I rewatch the Buffy the Vampire Slayer spin-off: Angel. Each Tuesday evening, you’re invited to join me as I attempt to rediscover what made me love these shows so many years ago.

That Old Gang of Mine

  • At Caritas, Angel is meeting with his informant, Merl, and apologizing for the way he treated him.
  • It’s really not much of an apology, since Angel just antagonizes him and tells him that he can take his best shot.
  • But since there’s no demon violence allowed in Caritas, trying to hit Angel with a bottle backfires.
  • After the meeting’s over, Merl heads home and is slaughtered by unknown assailants.
  • The next day, Angel discovers Merl in pieces when he goes to his home to give sincere another shot.
  • Gunn questions why they’re investigating Merl’s death. A demon’s a demon…
  • Wes insists that Merl was harmless. Gunn can’t really get behind that reasoning.
  • He takes off and heads back to his neighborhood, where he’s immediately attacked by a new kid with the crew.
  • The new kid, Gio, starts talking trash about Gunn working with Angel.
  • At the Hyperion, Angel and Cordelia discuss their concern about Fred spending so much time alone.
  • Angel wants Cordy to spend some time talking to Fred… noticing that she’s outside having a conversation with a plant…
  • While looking into one of Merl’s potential killers, they visit a demon bookie who has also been slaughtered.
  • Cut to a big ugly demon drinking a Big Gulp in the sewers.
  • He’s confronted by some people with flashlights and he timidly asks, “Who’s there, please?”
  • They attack… and someone shouts, “Smoke ’em, Gio!”
  • So the new guy in Gunn’s old crew is indiscriminately taking down demons, whether or not they pose a threat to humanity.
  • Wes calls Gunn to the bookie’s apartment and recognizes the point of a crossbow bolt that he knows Gio was using.
  • He knows because Gio stuck it in his face.
  • Gunn goes to warn Rondell, the crew’s leader these days, that they’ve got a rogue on their team.
  • Rondell states in no uncertain terms that Gio is no rogue.
  • Not a single one of them has a problem taking down any type of demon.
  • Cordelia goes to have a talk with Fred and says that Angel wants her to get out.
  • Fred thinks that means she needs to leave the hotel.
  • But Cordelia explains that she should just get out for a night on the town… with her. They’ll go together… and sing karaoke.
  • Wes joins the ladies and looks on with concern as Fred sings “Crazy.”
  • Gunn arrives looking for Wes. Lorne reads him without even trying…
  • In the middle of the song, the old crew burst in with guns blazing.
  • No demon violence is allowed at Caritas. That spell apparently doesn’t cover human violence.
  • When they’re done randomly shooting, Gio calls out Gunn, knowing he’s there somewhere.
  • Wes is disappointed that Gunn knew about his old crew being the killers.
  • Gunn tries to talk down Rondell.
  • Rondell lets Cordelia leave, saying he’ll let the rest of Team Angel go when she brings Angel back with her.
  • Angel heads to Caritas and sends Cordelia to the furies who performed the spell. She’ll get them to lift the spell so Angel can actually fight the crew.
  • Cordelia’s meeting with the furies goes well… they seem to have a past with Angel.
  • I’m gonna leave it at that.
  • Back at the club, Gio sings “Wind Beneath My Wings” and Lorne reads him.
  • He digs up some harsh truth from Gio’s past.
  • When a demon makes a break for it, he’s stopped at the door.
  • In the confusion, Gunn manages to get Gio’s shotgun away from him.
  • Gio eggs Gunn on, leading to Gunn shooting the demon that tried to escape.
  • Then Angel walks in and asks Gunn if he’s next.
  • Rondell wants Gunn to stake Angel…
  • Gunn refuses, so Gio makes an offer to the humans still being held hostage.
  • Kill the vampire and they can go free.
  • Fred stands up and says she doesn’t want to die, so Gio hands her his crossbow.
  • She aims the crossbow at Angel, apologizing because she just “can’t die in here.”
  • At the last second, she turns the crossbow on Gio, deciding she’d rather shoot him instead.
  • Just then, the spell is broken and the demons can fight back.
  • A timid looking demon transforms and bites Gio’s head off.
  • In the aftermath, Wes pulls no punches with Gunn. If he ever withholds important information like that again, he will be fired.
  • Body count: Demons – Unsure (after all the carnage at Caritas); Vampires – 1; Humans – 1

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