Playing Catch Up – The Real Neat Blog Award

You know, one of these days I’m going to not let a week go by without blogging or catching up on reading everyone else’s blogs…

Hey! It’s me again. Today I’m bringing you The Real Neat Blog Award. Which is brought to me by V Donovan over at CoolBeans4. I really do love getting to participate in things like this. So thanks for thinking of me! If you haven’t yet, go check out her blog. Then you can come back here and see how I’ve responded to her Real Neat Blog Award questions.

  1. How much money would it take for you to delete your blog on the spot and never start a new one?
    Never start a new blog? Can I start a YouTube channel? I mean, I’ve been told I have a face for radio… but I’d have to have some kind of outlet. I guess I could just write stuff in a Word document and never let anyone on the internet see what I’ve written. Could I deprive the world of my brilliance? I think it’d take a lot of money. I mean, I know I haven’t exactly been shutting down the WordPress servers with my posts lately, but to never blog again? Millions. Millions of dollars. That’s what it’d take. Make it so I could afford a different something to become passionate about. And also pay off my student loans. And also not need a job.
  2. What is your favourite Pokemon?
    You know, I never got into Pokemon. I was in college around the time it really started taking off. During one fateful Christmas break, I worked at an Electronics Boutique (a GameStop-esque place that no longer exists… it may have eventually become GameStop). We had a plastic toy version of Squirtle that would play the theme song every time someone pushed the button. This sat next to the cash register. And lots of kids loved to come into our store and push that button. I’m pretty sure I only worked there for a few weeks… maybe a month… If I never hear the Pokemon theme song again it’ll be too soon. Squirtle is not my favorite. I feel like saying Pikachu is too easy. That’s like saying T Rex when someone asks for a favorite dinosaur. Is Furby a Pokemon? What about a Mogwai? I pass… next question, please.
  3. Who is an actor/actress you hate but for no particular reason?
    Most of the actors coming to mind, I’m finding reasons to hate them… Umm… Julia Roberts. I don’t have a reason. Not a good one, anyway.
  4. How many email accounts do you have?
    Three… Personal, work, and one for a ministry I’m in charge of at church. Though, technically, that last one isn’t really my email address. Other leaders have access to it. I just happen to be the only one who ever uses it at this juncture.
  5. What’s something from childhood that you miss?
    I was about to say everything, thinking that I couldn’t narrow it all down to just one something. I loved the 80s. But I really can boil it all down to one… A sense of wonder. As we grow up, we tend to lose the sense of wonder that we had as kids. A child experiences so many new things and so many firsts that we take for granted as adults. I’m not saying I want to unlearn all that I’ve learned and become ignorant of the way things work. But I know that, even in experiencing something new in my 30s, there’s no way I appreciate it with any measure of childlike wonder like I would have when my age was a single digit.
  6. What is your favourite meal?
  7. Who is your favourite Kardashian (or extended family member) and why?
    Ugh… don’t make me answer this one. For the record, I can’t stand the Kardashians. I’ve never once seen a full episode of their ridiculous reality show(s) and any clips I’ve seen have been purely by accident. Or when I’ve watched as Joel McHale makes fun of them. If I must pick a favorite, however, I’ll go with Kourtney (Am I even spelling that right? I know they all start with a K… like how the makers of Mortal Kombat have to make every ‘C’ word begin with a K for branding). Why Kourtney? I think, once upon a time, I thought she was the most attractive of the three older girls. Shallow? Yes. But we’re talking about the Kardashians. Doesn’t get any more shallow than that, amirite?

And you know me. I’m not so much with the following of the rules. I won’t be nominating anyone myself. Because I’m a loner, Dottie. A rebel. But if you’d like to answer Donovan’s questions down in the comments, I’d love to see your answers, too!

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