A to Z Challenge – A Quiet Place

Quiet Place - Poster.jpgA Quiet Place


Directed by John Krasinski

Quick Synopsis… In this tense chiller, the horror mounts as the Abbott family struggles to survive in a postapocalyptic world where monstrous blind creatures use their supersensitive hearing to stalk human prey — forcing the Abbotts to live in silence.

  • I went and saw this with Jeff when it came out last year.
  • Jeff is the kind of guy who likes to have popcorn whenever he sees a movie.
  • Throughout this movie, I could hear every single movement his jaw made… every single popcorn kernel that crunched between his teeth…
  • Because the theater was silent as the grave and the atmosphere was beyond tense.
  • Every time a noise was made, panic set in just a little.
  • Despite the knowledge that this is a brilliant work of fiction and the creatures depicted here do not actually exist, nor are people hunted for making the slightest noises.
  • Even now, as I watch it again, I keep feeling like I need to turn up the volume, like there’s something wrong with me hearing.
  • Or maybe the air conditioner is too loud and I should turn that off for a while…
  • Do you all remember seeing trailers for this before it came out? This flick looked absolutely terrifying.
  • We begin with an introduction to the Abbotts, a family of five who silently search for supplies in an abandoned drug store.
  • They are getting by in a world where some kind of extra terrestrial creatures have arrived on Earth and hunt down anything they can hear.
  • Their daughter, Regan, is deaf, but able to hear with the help of cochlear implants, when they’re working properly.
  • Their youngest son wants to take a toy space shuttle with him, but Lee (John Krasinski) communicates (via American Sign Language) that the toy would be dangerous because it’s just too loud.
  • He removes the batteries, setting those and the toy on a counter as they leave to walk home.
  • Regan, feeling bad for her brother, grabs the shuttle and gives it to him, leaving the batteries… but the kid grabs the batteries anyway.
  • You know where this is going…
  • A little more than a year passes.
  • Understandably, Regan blames herself for what happened to her brother. She also believes that her father blames her, too.
  • This has led to a strained relationship between the two of them.
  • However, it’s clear, throughout the movie, that Lee loves his daughter very much. He just has a hard time showing it.
  • You know how guys can be…
  • At this point, they are preparing for the birth of their fourth child by building a soundproof underground room that they hope will drown out the baby’s inevitable cries.
  • Y’all… I really don’t want to go into more detail than this because this is still a pretty new movie, having only been released last year.
  • So there may be a bunch of people reading this who haven’t watched it yet.
  • And I really think you should see it.
  • Sure, it’s intense and has moments that are pretty scary. But try not to think of it as a horror movie.
  • At its heart, this movie is about this family and the relationships that they have with one another.
  • I’m pretty sure I’ve read that a sequel has been put in motion, which kind of disappoints me.
  • I mean, I knew that would happen because this one was such a hit.
  • But it made such a fantastic stand alone story. I kind of feel like a sequel will only ruin it.

What did you think of A Quiet Place? Did the family dynamics outweigh the scariness of the movie? Let me know in the comments!

Come back tomorrow for an R movie that’s rated PG-13. It’s a story that’s been told and retold on the big screen and small screen probably dozens of times. Any guesses?


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7 thoughts on “A to Z Challenge – A Quiet Place

  1. I really wanted to see this movie until I realized that it was a thriller/horror movie lol

    Is R Rocky? Rambo? Red? Red 2? Remember the Titans?! I just throwing out every single R movie I can think of lol any of them close?


  2. The trailer for this movie played before The Last Jedi and my kids TOTALLY FREAKED OUT! I mean it freaked out to but they were on the verge of leaving before the movie even began. I still feel a bit resentful that the powers that be didn’t take into consideration that kids would be going to a Star Wars movie. Nevertheless I still kind of want to see A Quiet Place.


  3. I absolutely loved LOVED loved this movie!! I hesistated at first because really?! A silent movie? That’s a first. But man was I wrong. It had me on The edge of my seat the entire time and I recommend it to everyone. Good one Aaron!


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