A to Z Challenge – Greedy

Greedy - PosterGreedy


Directed by Jonathan Lynn

Quick Synopsis… Elderly Uncle Joe (Kirk Douglas) made his fortune as a businessman, and now his heirs are maneuvering to ensure they get their portions of it once he dies. Uncle Joe isn’t too keen on most of his ungrateful family members, though, so they call on the old man’s favorite nephew, Daniel (Michael J. Fox), to make their case. He doesn’t much care about the money, but as his obnoxious relatives gather at Joe’s mansion, Daniel realizes he and the aging millionaire share a contempt for their own family.

  • As I watch this movie, it occurs to me that Greedy may have only ever been funny to me and my cousin Landon.
  • I don’t know what it is. Maybe it’s the over-the-top performances given by pretty much every actor in the cast. Maybe it’s the opportunity to quote random lines that are meaningless to all but the handful of people who actually saw this movie. Maybe it’s all the swearing, which would be hilarious to a couple of young teenage boys.
  • Greedy stars a lot of recognizable folks, but it’s not like Love Actually where you’ve got a lot of really big names. Does that make any sense?
  • I mean, you’ve got Kirk Douglas and Michael J. Fox… those are big names.
  • But you’ve also got Ed Begley, Jr., Phil Hartman, Nancy Travis, Olivia d’Abo, Jere Burns… names you’d see a lot back in the 90s, but not names you’d see headlining anything.
  • So here’s the story…
  • Kirk Douglas is the elderly, wheelchair-bound Uncle Joe. He’s extremely wealthy and has no kids of his own, but that doesn’t stop all the nieces and nephews from sniffing around. They all want to inherit his fortune.
  • And they’re all really ridiculous about it. They name all their kids after Joe, so there are half a dozen kids with some variation on the name Joe.
  • And they all try to make each other look horrible, so that Joe won’t remember them in his will.
  • But it really doesn’t matter because Joe has recently hired a “nurse” named Molly (Olivia d’Abo).
  • I use quotes there because she doesn’t have any formal training. She’s just a pretty girl who showed up delivering a pizza one night and Joe took a liking to her.
  • Of course, the family now thinks that she’s sleeping with the old man and will, therefore, get all of his money when he eventually dies.
  • So the family decides they have an ace up their collective sleeve in the form of Joe’s long lost nephew, Danny (Michael J. Fox).
  • They think by reintroducing Danny into Joe’s life, it’ll remind Joe that family is more important than a pretty girl who showed up out of nowhere.
  • It doesn’t really work.
  • But Danny get sucked in, heating up the competition for Joe’s affections and inheritance.
  • In the end, it turns out not to matter because Joe has lost everything and is, in fact, deeply in debt to the IRS.
  • Danny and his fiancee, Robin (Nancy Travis), offer to take Joe in.
  • But at the very end of the movie, he reveals that it was all an act. He never lost his money. He just wanted to know who really loved him, not just his wealth.
  • He invites them to come and live with him at his mansion. And they all live happily ever after.
  • Oh, and for one last gotcha… he surprises Danny, Robin, and the audience by getting out of his wheelchair and walking away.

It’s really not as funny as it was when I was a kid. Although, if Landon and I get together around the holidays and randomly quote dialogue from this movie, we still crack each other up.

Come back tomorrow for the H movie. Here’s your hint… It’s a pretty decent rom-com from the mid 2000s. Okay… bigger hint. Two words: date doctor. That is all.


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