A to Z Challenge – Greedy

Greedy 1994 Directed by Jonathan Lynn Quick Synopsis...¬†Elderly Uncle Joe (Kirk Douglas) made his fortune as a businessman, and now his heirs are maneuvering to ensure they get their portions of it once he dies. Uncle Joe isn't too keen on most of his ungrateful family members, though, so they call on the old man's … Continue reading A to Z Challenge – Greedy


A Dater’s Guide to Disney Princesses: Kida

We now return to one of Disney's forgotten princesses: Kida. Who is Kida, you may be asking? Well, she was the princess featured in Atlantis: The Lost Empire. This movie, featuring the voices of Michael J. Fox and James Garner (among others) was released in 2001, putting it a couple years after the end of … Continue reading A Dater’s Guide to Disney Princesses: Kida