Rewatching Buffy – Episode 102

buffy-titleWelcome to Rewatching Buffy, the part of the blog where I rewatch Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Each Tuesday evening, you’re invited to join me as I attempt to rediscover what made me love this show 22 years ago.

Bargaining, Part 2

  • Even though Willow’s resurrection spell was interrupted, it worked.
  • While the demon biker gang beat the technological snot out of the Buffybot, the real Buffy wakes up inside her coffin, buried alive.
  • I think the lesson we learn here is, if you’re gonna raise the dead, how about digging up the corpse first? If you’re successful, that person’s just gonna wind up suffocating.
  • Alternatively, the lesson could be… Sometimes dead is better.
  • But I think we learned that from Pet Sematary.
  • Xander breaks the news to Willow that the special urn from the spell was shattered. Without that, there’s no chance to even try the spell again.
  • Willow admits that Buffy is really gone.
  • Spike hears the demon bikers outside the house while Dawn snoozes.
  • She wakes up and Spike warns her to stay quiet and out of sight.
  • Tara and Anya head toward the Magic Box, but are being followed by a couple demons. They get bored trying to find the girls and take off.
  • Dawn does the opposite of what Spike told her and stares out the window to watch the bikers. Idiot.
  • Meanwhile, Buffy’s not actually dead anymore and she claws her way out of her grave.
  • She catches sight of her grave marker. It’s a little daunting to read your own tombstone, I’m sure.
  • She walks through town, disoriented… taking in the destruction left in the wake of the demon bikers.
  • Willow and Xander are lost in the woods. He tries to confront her about how dark the resurrection spell really was. She deflects.
  • Tara magically sends a ball of light to guide them out of the woods and back to the magic store.
  • Spike and Dawn are sneaking around outside.
  • Uh… why did Spike take Dawn out of the house? Did I miss something there?
  • Seems like it’d be safer in a fairly easily defensible location. I know these demons don’t need an invite to get in, but still… Slayer’s house… weapons a-plenty.
  • To celebrate the finding of their new hometown, the demon bikers literally tear apart the Buffybot.
  • And the real Buffy happens to have wandered by to witness the destruction of… well… herself.
  • Again, a daunting thing to see for someone that disoriented.
  • Then the demon bikers see Buffy and think she’s another fake.
  • She runs. As she should. She’s not exactly up to par, Slayer-wise.
  • And she runs into the gang, who are out searching for Dawn and Spike.
  • At first they think it’s the Buffybot, but then they realize she’s the real deal.
  • They notice her hands… bleeding… and realize she had to break out of her coffin.
  • Xander tries to talk to her, but he’s not really getting through to her.
  • Then the bikers show up and ruin the reunion.
  • There’s some banter… threats are made…
  • Then Buffy approaches the leader. She says nothing and he punches her.
  • But that just pisses her off. She kills him and then the others attack.
  • Meanwhile, Spike and Dawn have stolen a motorcycle and find the disassembled Buffybot.
  • She’s still conscious(?) and talks to Dawn. Before completely shutting down, she mentions seeing the real Buffy.
  • Dawn takes off on foot to find her sister.
  • Back in the fight, Buffy and the gang take down (I think) five more bikers.
  • After the fight, Buffy runs away again. She’s still not with the communication yet.
  • Oh, but remember how we thought the leader of the demon bikers was dead? His eyes shoot open and some kind of serrated blades extend from his fingers.
  • He’s got a real Freddy Krueger thing going.
  • Buffy is headed toward Glory’s tower where she died. On the way, she impales a demon.
  • Tara manages to plunge an ax in the demon leader’s back, killing him for real this time.
  • Buffy climbs to the top of the tower and flashes back to just before she died. She thinks she has to relive her death.
  • She was done. Life was over. She earned her rest.
  • But Dawn finds her there and confronts her at the top of the tower.
  • Unfortunately, the tower is extremely unstable. I mean, it was built by a bunch of crazy people.
  • Dawn begs Buffy to say something…
  • “Is this hell?”
  • Dawn explains that she’s back with her… and when Dawn is in real danger, it snaps Buffy out of her confusion and she saves her sister just as the tower falls apart.
  • They hug… but Buffy still looks confused and/or disappointed…
  • Body count: Demon bikers – 7ish

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