My Favorite Movies #58 – The Big Short

The Big Short - PosterThe Big Short


Directed by Adam McKay

Netflix says… Before the housing and credit bubble of 2007 triggers an international economic meltdown, a handful of financial outsiders sees the crash coming and bets against the big banks in a daring play that could reap them huge profits.

  • So… I like this movie…
  • But I’m not too sure how it wound up in my personal Top 100.
  • It may have been one of those instances where I saw it, was really impressed afterward, then jumped onto Flickchart and immediately ranked it higher than I really intended.
  • Here’s the thing… I’m watching it again and I’m remembering that there’s a lot of language in the dialogue that I just don’t understand.
  • And that’s because I’m just not a finance guy.
  • Yeah, I worked for a bank for a few years, but I was a nobody at that bank. I was a peon.
  • I never could have risen above the level of teller because, while I’m good at the math, I’ve never been good with markets and bonds and mortgages.
  • But here’s what I do like about this movie…
  • The dialogue, while confusing at times, is snappy. It’s clever.
  • And when things get too confusing or technical, they bring in the likes of Margot Robbie and Anthony Bourdain to explain in layman’s terms.
  • That is brilliant.
  • It’s incredibly entertaining to watch these bankers acting so incredibly arrogant before the housing market crashes.
  • They believe that they’re on top of the world and nothing could possibly bring them down.
  • And then it all collapsed.
  • This was real life, people.
  • It really happened.
  • A few people saw it coming and they made a crap-ton of money based on the banks’ stupidity and arrogance.
  • This affected people across the U.S. Maybe even the world.
  • Because all of these economic structures are so interwoven and connected.
  • Did it affect you?
  • I was working for a bank when all of this went down. I watched it happen from the inside.
  • Granted, I was the lowest man on the totem pole, but I was there.
  • I didn’t have a mortgage. I didn’t have any kind of investment in any of this.
  • I lost nothing. I gained nothing. Life, for me, just continued.
  • But to see how people were able to take advantage of all that was going on through the course of this movie is kind of mind blowing.
  • The question I have at the end of it all is… Did we learn anything from the collapse of the housing market?
  • My next question… What’s next on the bubble? What’s gonna go under in the future? Student loans? Healthcare? Facebook?
  • If nothing else, this simply highlights the rampant corruption that exists among big banks, businesses, and government.

Come back next week for something a little less realistic… The Avengers.

2 thoughts on “My Favorite Movies #58 – The Big Short

  1. One of the cleverest movies I have ever seen. It went out of its way to teach us. By the time it ended we had a full understanding what went down and how it happened.

    Did we learn anything? No. In some ways our country is played like a game. This particular game made some people rich and that’s why it will happen again.

    I was looking forward to this review. Happy to see you liked it.

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