What Immune System?

I had a lot of plans this weekend. I was planning to move (again). I was planning to donate blood. I was planning to write blog posts. Those plans have changed.

Because I’m sick (again).

Here’s the thing… I’m back to working in a school. If you’ve been keeping up with my blog posts for the last four or five months, I’m sure you’re aware of this. So that means that my immune system has taken a backseat while my body readjusts to this world full of runny noses, pink eyes, uncovered coughs, and unwashed hands.

The way I see it, by the time summer rolls around, I’ll have the immune system of Deadpool.

As it is currently, I’m coughing so much that I’m beginning to wonder if I’ve shaken my brain inside my skull. I’m out of breath after even the slightest of activity. And I’m not talking about a common I’m-out-of-shape out of breath. No, that is something to which I am fully accustomed. This out of breath is a result of the constant coughing. And then the slight exertion leads to more coughing and headaching.

So I don’t much fancy lugging boxes and clothes up the stairs to a new apartment while being unable to properly breathe. And the Red Cross certainly doesn’t want my blood if it’s busy trying to fight off a viral infection. And blogging? Well… I didn’t post anything yesterday. I didn’t write the Friday Fiction post I’d originally planned to do today. And I may or may not be willing to deal with tomorrow’s Question of the Week.

I don’t like getting older. Because it feels like, the older I get, the longer these basic illnesses seem to last. I don’t get it… I’m doing the vitamin thing. What’s the deal?

For the record, that was a rhetorical question. All you healthy living folks out there are free to leave your advice in my comments, but I can almost guarantee that I’m old and set in my ways and won’t be willing to try anything new if it involves anything more complicated than a One-A-Day gummy.


10 thoughts on “What Immune System?

    • Yeah… I’ve had that before and I NEVER want to experience that again. I’ve never been so violently ill in my life. The scary thing is, I’m aware of at least four kids at my school that were sent home with that very sickness this week. I’m always careful to wash my hands all the time. But who knows? I may already have it and not even know it yet…


      • Yeah. I’ve had it once and it was while I was still living with my parents and dad had it too so we were fighting over the bathroom. Not fun at all. I had strep a couple years ago and I figured out that I got it from a grocery cart, so be sure to disinfect if you use one. Stay healthy my friend!

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  1. Advice? I’ve got lots: 1. Encase yourself in a large plastic bubble. 2. Do not let kids near it, because even inside a bubble you’re going to need air and kids breathe. When they breathe, they breathe germs. They’re cute as hell, but they’re little germ factories. 3. Astragalus root seems to have helped my immune system, but maybe I’m just not around as many kids.

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    • Haha! They really are germ factories. We had one in our office yesterday who was complaining of nausea. She thought she could just hang out with us because she didn’t feel like being in class. No… we kicked her out. Not to be heartless or anything. If she’s sick, she needs to see the nurse, not the counselors.

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