Life Story: Chapter Sixty Eight

Welcome to a series of stories that basically make up my autobiography. It’s not entirely thorough, but I’ll do the best I can with the memories locked away inside my head. Could be therapeutic for me. Could be humorous for you. Either way, enjoy…

Previously on Life Story… It may have been financially imprudent, but I made a weekly trek to Radford from Bluefield to watch Buffy and Felicity with Jessica and Maranda.

I’m about to confess something that a lot of people, even people in my personal life, may not know. During my freshman year at Bluefield College, I reached a point where I just didn’t like being there. It was so bad, I very seriously considered transferring to Radford University.

During the fall semester, you may recall, I had a roommate with whom I really had nothing in common. He was a baseball player who liked to drink and party off campus a lot. I was, at that point, a social leper who spent my free time reading and going to bed early. It just didn’t work out.

I mean, I was okay with the arrangement, but I guess he wasn’t. Because at the end of the fall semester, he asked for a change. So the decision was made for me to move out. I went from being a third floor resident to a second floor resident. Which, I suppose, was good enough for me. But consider my second roommate…

When I returned to school after the winter break, I was introduced to Kevin, a senior who was finishing up his final semester at Bluefield College. He really didn’t talk very much. And the room he occupied had very little to speak of. Of course, the school provided our beds, desks, dressers, and a microwave/mini-fridge. But anything else we had in our dorm room was supplied by us, the students.

Kevin supplied a smallish area rug. That’s it.

I remember the room being really sparse the first time I walked in. I’d assumed that, since I was moving in with a senior, I’d be moving in with a guy who had lots of stuff that he’d accumulated over the years. But, no… So, initially, we had nothing in the room. I provided a TV and a few other things, which helped make the place a little homier.

Kevin and I didn’t have all that much in common either. At least, I assume we didn’t. He and I didn’t actually talk to each other that much. However, unlike my first roommate, Kevin was quiet and didn’t go out much. My social life was off the charts compared to this guy.

It was still early on in my second semester that I decided to look into options outside of Bluefield College. Having had two negative roommate experiences, I seriously considered applying to Radford and becoming a commuter student. I argued that I could live at home rent free, which would mean I only needed to pay for tuition. Room and board would be a thing of the past. Oh, and since Radford is a public school, way cheaper than the tuition at a private institution like Bluefield.

I had enjoyed my visits to Radford whenever I made the drive to watch Buffy on Tuesday evenings. The university had a nice campus and there always seemed to be something going on, according to the many fliers I would see posted everywhere.

So I applied. I toured. I was ready to pull the trigger. My plan was to finish my freshman year at Bluefield, then kick he dust of that town off my heels and spend my next three years finishing my education at Radford University.

And then spring break happened…


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