Rewatching Angel – Episode 37

Angel - TitleWelcome to Rewatching Angel, the part of the blog where I rewatch the Buffy the Vampire Slayer spin-off: Angel. Each Tuesday evening, you’re invited to join me as I attempt to rediscover what made me love these shows so many years ago.


  • Angel is skulking through an all but abandoned building.
  • He’s following the sound of goats bleating and finds a room full of them.
  • Turns out the building is own by Wolfram & Hart (shocker!) and they’ve got a couple of lackeys being paid to sacrifice a herd to something that’s gonna be pissed if it’s not done by midnight.
  • So Angel smashes all the ceremonial stuff and sends the two guys packing.
  • Team Angel successfully removed the third eye from the back of that girl’s head (see episode 36).
  • The family refuses to pay for the removal of the eye.
  • Lilah and Lindsey are concerned about an upcoming 75-year review with the Senior Partners.
  • Lilah is still worried about the fact that Darla and Drusilla haven’t been heard from in a while.
  • Angel knows that something big is going down, so he goes to Kate for help.
  • But she’s facing a formal hearing from internal affairs because of the incident where Angel beat up a precinct captain who was raising zombie cops.
  • Kate also came to the realization that someone must have locked Darla and Dru in with all the lawyers that they slaughtered. So she’s done helping Angel.
  • Darla is hiding out at Lindsey’s place. He’s nursing her back to health.
  • Since Kate won’t help, Angel turns to the Host.
  • Caritas is super busy. There are a lot of Wolfram & Hart attorneys there looking to have their futures read.
  • The Host can’t reveal anything about his readings, but he can reveal what he overheard in the men’s room.
  • It’s the 75-year review. Apparently a Senior Partner will be arriving in LA to do the review personally.
  • Angel heads back to the Hyperion to do some research, but he doesn’t have what he needs.
  • So he pops into his old employees’ new joint and steals the book he needs.
  • At Kate’s hearing, she’s kind of being railroaded by IA.
  • She never took time off after her father’s death, so they think that has taken its toll on her job performance.
  • They ask for her gun and badge.
  • And then one of the guys on the review board gets one last dig in by saying he’s glad her dad isn’t around to see this.
  • Who says things like that?! Especially after blaming her lack of a grieving process for what she’s been doing on the job for the last few months.
  • Angel still needs help. So he turns to the same bookstore owner that he visited back in the 50s, the first time he lived at the Hyperion.
  • As bookstore guy is about to hand over a glove that Angel needs to kill a demon that’s part of Wolfram & Hart’s 75-year review, Darla runs him through with a sword and takes the glove herself.
  • Meanwhile, Kate gets home after clearing out her desk. She’s spiraling. Hard.
  • Cordelia, alone in the office, gets a call from Mrs. Sharp, the mom who refused to pay for the gang removing the eye from her daughter’s head.
  • She tells Cordelia she’s willing to pay now if she’ll come out to the house to pick up a check.
  • As soon as Mrs. Sharp hangs up the phone, the demon responsible for her daughter’s third eye snaps her neck.
  • Angel gets into the Wolfram & Hart party and exposes Darla, taking the glove back from her just as the demon is summoned.
  • Angel is able to kill the demon and gets the ring he needs to visit the Home Office.
  • When he puts on the ring, an elevator appears outside and opens to reveal Holland Manners.
  • Holland explains that his contract with Wolfram & Hart extends well beyond his death.
  • Angel steps into the elevator and Holland tells him it’s a one way trip.
  • After a long conversation about why Wolfram & Hart exists, they arrive right back where they started.
  • The “Home Office” is right here on earth. And Holland explains that it’s because evil exists inside every single person that Angel is out there trying to save.
  • Kind of a bleak outlook on the world. But he’s not wrong, theologically speaking.
  • Angel gloomily walks through the lobby of the Hyperion and hears Kate leaving a message on his machine.
  • She’s calling from the floor of her living room surrounded by pill bottles and booze.
  • Angel ignores the call, and goes to his room.
  • Darla shows up. And they have sex.
  • Because… reasons.
  • In the middle of the night, Angel wakes up in pain…
  • Body count: Humans – 2; Demons – 1

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