Rewatching Angel – Episode 36

Angel - TitleWelcome to Rewatching Angel, the part of the blog where I rewatch the Buffy the Vampire Slayer spin-off: Angel. Each Tuesday evening, you’re invited to join me as I attempt to rediscover what made me love these shows so many years ago.

The Thin Dead Line

  • Angel seems to be a little lonesome at the Hyperion.
  • Meanwhile, his former employees have a referral walk in.
  • She’s concerned because her daughter suddenly has a third eye that’s grown in the back of her head.
  • A couple of kids on the street make their way to Anne’s shelter, even though it’s after curfew.
  • Anne almost doesn’t let them in, but she sees how scared they are. Of what, though?
  • The camera pans over to show us what looks like a police officer’s silhouette.
  • Angel drops in on Merl for a quick visit.
  • Merl’s packing up. He’s ready to get out of town, tired of Angel and pretty much everyone else beating him up for info.
  • Anne asks Kenny, the kid from last night, why he suddenly showed up after curfew.
  • He explained that he and his girlfriend were just attacked by a cop. No attempt at arrest, just a beating.
  • So Anne goes to Gunn for help.
  • Angel is watching as Gunn and Anne leave to head back to the shelter.
  • And he follows them there.
  • While Angel is skulking around outside, he’s attacked by one of the cops the kids have been talking about.
  • Angel fights back. A blow that should have knocked the cop out does nothing.
  • Angel knocks the cop’s head off. Literally. Clearly, the still talking head belongs to a zombie cop.
  • Gunn calls a couple of guys from his old crew, and they give him a hard time about his recent line of work.
  • But they work together, and bring along a camera to document the inevitable cop confrontation.
  • Angel takes the zombie cop’s badge to Kate. She confirms it’s a cop whose funeral she attended a couple months ago.
  • Gunn calls Wes and Cordelia and fills them in on his plan, which they think is dumb. So they head his way to stop him from getting himself killed.
  • Kate takes Angel to visit zombie cop’s grave. And Angel realizes that the ground is disturbed around a lot of other police graves.
  • Kate freaks out and goes to her father’s grave, but Angel lets her know the ground is undisturbed.
  • Cordelia helps Anne out at the shelter just as a sketchy (regular human) guy barges in.
  • Sketchy guy starts giving a kid named Ray a hard time. They have past dealings.
  • Gunn and his trio are approached by a cop who demands that they face the wall and put their hands up.
  • Gunn tries to ask if they’re being arrested, but the cop just continues to make demands, as he pulls out his nightstick.
  • Wes runs up behind the cop and tries yelling that Gunn is a friend and that he hasn’t done anything.
  • The cop doesn’t say a word, just turns, pulls his gun, and shoots Wesley in the gut.
  • Gunn fights the cop and he drops the gun. Then Gunn’s friend picks up the gun and shoots the cop twice before he can kill Gunn.
  • They start to get Wes out of there when the cop gets back up, like he wasn’t just shot twice.
  • Kate and Angel visit the precinct where all these dead cops are coming from. They don’t get a lot of cooperation.
  • Gunn gets Wesley an ambulance and rides with him to the hospital.
  • Until the ambulance is stopped by two cop cars. They open fire, killing the ambulance driver.
  • Gunn drives the ambulance to the shelter.
  • The zombie cops followed Gunn to the shelter and they’re ready to go in and “clean house.”
  • At the precinct, Angel strolls into the captain’s office. When Angel brings up the dead cops, the captain shoots Angel three times.
  • Of course, that does nothing.
  • Angel follows the captain into a back room and figures out how he’s controlling the zombies. And he shuts them down.
  • All of the cops that are storming the shelter drop dead. Again.
  • Angel goes back to Kate to let her know the zombie problem is over. While he’s there, a file comes to Kate about Wesley’s gunshot wound.
  • Angel goes to the hospital and Cordelia confronts him. “You walked away. Do us a favor and just stay away.”
  • Body count: Humans – 1; Zombies – all of them…

6 thoughts on “Rewatching Angel – Episode 36

  1. So I love that they brought back Anne, but how come Angel and her didn’t recognize each other? They briefly crossed paths in the episode “Lie to Me” on Buffy and Anne clearly remembers Buffy when she comes to L.A. but she doesn’t remember her encounter with Angel at all? Or she doesn’t think to mention that she knew a slayer? Curious about your thoughts on that! Great read as always! 🙂

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