Taking the Week Off…

Hey kids…

I know that, normally, you’d be tuning in today for a Buffy or Angel recap. But that’s not happening this week. And after last week’s episode was a cliffhanger, too? I’m kind of a jerk.

But, really, no I’m not. There’s a lot going on this week and I just need to take some time to focus on other things.

I know what you’re thinking… it’s not like this guy actually posts something spectacular to his blog every single day… Yeah, there’s that. And I’m not even promising spectacular content when I come back next week, either.

At best, you’ll get the same, average blog content that you’re used to. I’ll do another one of my favorite movies. I’ll get to the next episodes of Buffy and Angel. I’ll write about the things I feel like writing about. I’ll probably sit around and cook some soups and eat bread and desserts and just get all fat and sassy.

It’s not even gonna be a full week hiatus. I’ll be back Monday. Probably…

One thought on “Taking the Week Off…

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