Rewatching Angel – Episode 12

Angel - TitleWelcome to Rewatching Angel, the part of the blog where I rewatch the Buffy the Vampire Slayer spin-off: Angel. Each Tuesday evening, you’re invited to join me as I attempt to rediscover what made me love these shows so many years ago.


  • Nothing much going on at the office. Wesley stops in to see if there’s evil afoot.
  • A couple of Cordelia’s friends come by to pick her up for a night out. She’s apparently been seeing someone named Wilson Christopher.
  • Angel and Wesley cover for Cordelia as she has a sudden vision.
  • Cordelia gives them an address… but the vision was the wrong one. Turns out the evil creature was next door.
  • A little embarrassing when Wesley and Angel break into an elderly couple’s living room. Well, Wes breaks in… Angel still needs an invitation.
  • Angel and Wesley take out the baby demon from the vision. And it puts up quite a fight.
  • Cordelia hits it off with Wilson at the club. He drives her home and she invites him in.
  • He’s gone the next morning.
  • Oh, and Cordelia’s pregnant.
  • Like… super pregnant. About to give birth pregnant.
  • Angel and Wesley go to her apartment when she doesn’t show up at the office and doesn’t answer her phone.
  • She’s understandably upset about what’s happened to her.
  • Angel tries calling Wilson and the number’s been disconnected.
  • He then goes out in search of Wilson, hitting the club from the night before. The bartender clues Angel in that Serena (Cordy’s friend) is the one who calls the shots with those guys.
  • Wesley takes Cordelia for a prenatal exam. The ultrasound shows six heartbeats. Then the doctor sees something really disturbing.
  • He wants to draw some amniotic fluid for examination, just to be sure everything’s okay.
  • The amniotic fluid destroys the syringe. Then it burns a hole in the floor.
  • When the doctor and nurse freak out and run out of the room, Cordelia grabs Wesley and asks if he got a look at the babies on the monitor.
  • Instead of being curious about what she’s carrying, she asks if they looked healthy.
  • Looks like someone’s had a change of heart regarding her demon spawn.
  • Angel heads to Serena’s apartment. She’s super pregnant, too. I’m guessing she’s not calling all the shots.
  • Wes gets Cordelia back to Angel’s place. She’s aware that there are seven of them inside of her. She can hear them talking to her.
  • Things get worse when Angel and Wes find Cordelia guzzling blood from Angel’s fridge.
  • Angel tracks Wilson and his friends to a gun club. He beats the crap out of him to get information.
  • The “fathers” are human. They are somehow a link to the actual demon.
  • Meanwhile, Wes does some research and figures out the kind of demon it is. To thank him, Cordelia knocks him out.
  • “No one’s gonna hurt my babies.”
  • I guess when the maternal instinct kicks in, it really kicks in.
  • Angel figures out that this demon is giving these guys fame and fortune to knock up impressionable girls.
  • They shoot him, thinking he’s human. That doesn’t work.
  • Cordelia makes her way to where the birth will take place. Her friends show up there, too. Along with several others.
  • Angel and Wes find their way to where Cordelia is meeting up with the demon. If they can kill this Haxil Beast, it’ll save all the women.
  • Daddy Haxil is ginormous.
  • It’s hard to kill, but they manage to freeze it with liquid nitrogen.
  • All of the women emerge from the gross birthing tub no longer pregnant.
  • Body count: Baby Demon – 1; Haxil Beasts – 1

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