Rewatching Buffy – Episode 46

buffy-titleWelcome to Rewatching Buffy, the part of the blog where I rewatch Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Each Tuesday evening, you’re invited to join me as I attempt to rediscover what made me love this show 20 years ago.


  • Buffy and Angel are sparring.
  • Not sure this is a good idea… the two of them… getting all sweaty together…
  • She lets him know she has plans with her dad for her birthday.
  • Now she’s hanging out with Giles. He’s teaching her about magical stones because… reasons.
  • Now she’s on patrol. She’s fighting a vampire when suddenly she feels weak.
  • The vampire gets the upper hand and very nearly stakes her with her own stake.
  • She manages to turn the stake around and dusts the vampire before he has the chance to kill her.
  • The next day, she’s throwing knives. She can’t hit the target.
  • Buffy shares with her friends that she’s excited about her dad coming to take her to the ice show.
  • She gets home and finds flowers and a card from her dad. He had to cancel.
  • She’s heartbroken but plays it off.
  • Meanwhile, in a creepy house across town, some British dudes are sealing the windows with brick walls.
  • “We’re getting very close. The Slayer’s preparation is nearly complete.”
  • Giles continues teaching Buffy about magical stones.
  • Which we now see are being used to put her into some kind of trance.
  • While she’s out, Giles is injecting her with something. Is this why she lost her strength?
  • Has Giles turned evil?
  • Buffy sees a guy manhandling Cordelia and tries to pull him off her and is completely unable to deal with him.
  • She’s pushed to the ground and Cordelia rescues her.
  • Buffy is really concerned and goes to Giles. He says he’ll research and they’ll figure it out.
  • Then we see Giles in the creepy house across town.
  • He’s having tea with the older British dude.
  • The Brits are part of the Watcher’s Council. The house, Buffy’s loss of strength and speed, and some kind of monster are all part of a rite of passage that every Slayer who reaches the age of 18 must go through.
  • Giles calls it archaic.
  • The monster is revealed to be a vampire named Kralik.
  • Kralik needs pills for some kind of brain malfunction. Could be migraines. But he’s in a straightjacket, so I assume it’s worse than that.
  • Later, Kralik complains about needing more pills. He tears one of his arms out of his straightjacket and takes out the Watcher on duty.
  • And by “takes out,” I mean “turns into a vampire.”
  • When Watcher vampire wakes up, he frees Kralik. Then they kill the other Watcher at the house.
  • Giles arrives at the creepy house looking for Quentin (the older Watcher from earlier, not the dead ones), but then he finds the dead Watcher and sees that Kralik is gone.
  • Buffy is walking at night and is harassed by a couple of guys. Then she runs into Kralik.
  • Kralik takes Buffy’s jacket while the Watcher vamp chases her.
  • Giles finds her and drives her to the library.
  • He reveals the truth about the test. He’s been injecting her with an organic compound that relaxes muscles and dulls the senses.
  • Buffy’s trust in Giles is now shattered.
  • At home, Joyce hears a noise and goes to investigate.
  • Why do people investigate strange noises in Sunnydale?
  • Turns out, it’s Kralik. So he abducts Buffy’s mom.
  • Buffy gets home and finds a Polaroid selfie that Kralik took with Joyce.
  • She gets a bag of weapons and bottles of holy water and heads toward creepy house.
  • Quentin arrives at the library and informs Giles that the test is still on and that Buffy is in the house.
  • Buffy gets into a scuffle with the Watcher vamp and is able to knock him out.
  • She confronts Kralik and leads him on a merry chase through the house.
  • Kralik is about to bite her when he has a migraine attack.
  • Buffy grabs his pills away from him and takes off.
  • He finds her, gets the pills back, and swallows them down with a nice glass of… holy water.
  • She switched out the water while he was trying to find her. He disintegrates from the inside out. Nice.
  • Giles arrives just in time to take out Watcher vamp. He pretty much wins Buffy’s trust back.
  • Quentin congratulates Buffy for passing the test. But he fires Giles.
  • The Watcher’s Council feels that he has a father’s love for Buffy and is, therefore, useless to the cause.
  • Body count: Vampires – 3; Humans – 2

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