Hard Hat Convention

Driving home around lunchtime yesterday, I came across a sign letting me know that someone was doing some utility work up the road. It wasn’t long before I saw where the work was taking place.

Except, at first, I didn’t see anyone doing any work. I just saw roughly 15 people in hard hats leaning back against a fence on the side of the road. They were all looking up. I couldn’t see what they were looking at yet, but they seemed enthralled.

When I came around the corner, I saw another half dozen or so standing at the bottom of a utility pole. They, too, were looking way up in the air… at one guy in a cherry picker doing work at the top of the pole.

I couldn’t help but laugh. Because, from where I sat, it sure looked like about 20 people were standing around watching someone as they worked. Were they getting paid to watch? How do you get on that crew?


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