5 Ways to Convince a Girl to See Batman v Superman

Batman v Superman - LogoSo, you’re thinking that this week’s hotly anticipated Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice would make for a good date movie but your significant other respectfully disagrees. Statistically speaking, this is likely the case, unless your girlfriend happens to be as big a geek as you. If that’s the case, young man, you hang on to that precious unicorn for dear life. But if your potential date does not tend to buy into the comic book/sci-fi/action genre, here are some strategies that you might be able to use to convince her to accompany you.

Wonder Woman - Lynda Carter.gif1. Wonder Woman is in it – Clearly this means it’s a chick flick. The Amazonian Princess has been a prominent symbol for feminism since 1941. That’s a long time before the Spice Girls got together and began screaming about girl power. If she’s not willing to see Wonder Woman on the big screen for the first time ever, you may need to question her commitment to womanhood.

Wonder Woman Kisses Batman.gif2. It’s a rom-com – Yeah, it’s called Batman v. Superman. So you know there’s gonna be a fight. But, having not seen the film yet, I cannot definitively say what these heroes are fighting about. Maybe they’re fighting over the affections of Wonder Woman. At different points throughout DC Comics’ convoluted history, Wonder Woman has been romantically involved with both Batman and Superman. Think Dawson’s Creek. With heat vision.

Henry Cavill - Shirtless3. Shirtless Henry Cavill – I mean, he doesn’t really do anything for me. But, I can see where some could find a guy like that appealing. He did spend a good portion of Man of Steel either shirtless or wearing skin-tight spandex. Maybe your lady friend would find that to be incentive to see the movie.

Jimmy Fallon - Lie4. Just flat out lie – Normally, I would not condone dishonesty in a relationship. But this is a special circumstance. This is a motion picture event for which you’ve eagerly waited for years. Tell her you’re going to see My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2. But then, oh no, that one’s sold out. Guess you’ll both have to settle for this obscure super hero movie. Try to really sell it by acting disappointed.

Arrested Development - Lies5. Make a trade – Let her know you’re flexible enough to see My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 with her if she’ll see Batman v. Superman with you. Seems fair, right? You have to give a little to get a little. You may need to include some minor bribery with this: flowers, chocolates, promises you don’t intend to keep.

Gentlemen, if you can pull this off, you’ll be looked upon with envy. Because a lot of the geeks that are seeing this movie with you probably haven’t seen a woman outside of a comic book in months. No, their mother screaming down the basement stairs that it’s dinner time does not count. So you need to walk into that theater with your head held high. She will be like a local celebrity and you, my friend, will be the guy of whom people ask, “How did he end up with her?”


One thought on “5 Ways to Convince a Girl to See Batman v Superman

  1. I think you overlooked the simplest way to get a girl to go see this movie with her guy- ask her. If my hubs asked me, I’d be happy to go. If you don’t ask, you’re sure to get a no.

    BTW, love the B&tB ref! Oh, Cogsworth…


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