Question of the Week #54

What is the worst psychological torture you can imagine suffering? Anything causing even minor physical injury should not be considered.

For me it would be any kind of annoying repetitive noise. But it would probably have to be really obnoxious. I don’t imagine a leaky faucet would be the kind of thing to get to me, but who knows, maybe it would. I know for a fact that some phrases repeated over and over make my head want to explode. For example, during my banking days I sat in training and was so annoyed with the instructor that I wanted to get up and walk out a number of times. First of all, she spoke very slowly. Not sure if that’s a Memphis thing or what. The really bad thing was that she kept saying “y’all get that?” after every other sentence. And sometimes, when we didn’t respond the way she wanted, she’d say it twice. Thankfully, we weren’t a class of talkers. Talkers have to stay in training for an extended time because some of the classmates don’t know when to shut up or stop asking stupid questions. And don’t tell me that there are no stupid questions. Sit in a bank training meeting for ten minutes and you’ll know that there are many stupid questions. But when she’d ask “y’all get that?” over and over, I just wanted to break into some kind of outburst and scream that yes, we got it. It’s not like anything in that training was new information. I was there for approximately seven hours, but I’d swear it was a week.Question 54 - Repetitive Noise.gif

What tortures you on a psychological level?

*The Question of the Week can be found in The Book of Questions by Gregory Stock, Ph.D.

2 thoughts on “Question of the Week #54

  1. Being on a long journey will the kids and they begin to sing

    “I know a song that’ll get on your nerves, get on your nerves, get on your nerves, I know a song that’ll get on your nerves, all day long”

    They will sing this over and over and over again – cos they know it drives me mad – I grip the steering wheel – trying to ignore it – I get to the stage where I want to gag them all 😜😜

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  2. Humming.

    Yes. That doesn’t seem so terrible, and in fact, might be nice if someone does so in tune and occasionally. Oh, you’re in a good mood. The sun is out and shining. How nice.

    NO. If you hear it constantly, it will drive you insane. My husband does it, and I’ve called him on it enough times, he’s a little more aware of it. (apparently, his dad does it too!)

    BUT, my 12 year old son, does not realize he does it while doing homework…. next to where I’m working…nonstop…all-the-time. Hum and making odd noises. (emmmmhhh, hhhhh….ewwww….nah, nah) And when he’s told to stop, he argues with you that he isn’t doing anything, because he swears he’s not doing it…then will to be a jerk, he will then do something loudly just to piss you off.

    I should have known, what I thought was adorable as a newborn, that he cooed softly to himself to self-soothe himself to sleep… would actually be something he’d do later in life. It’s not cute anymore. I inquired if he does this at school because he’d drive those next to him bonkers.

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