Day Six

My 20 Favorite Things

I couldn’t care less about raindrops on roses or whiskers on kittens. No… I can’t say that. Kittens are kind of adorable. But I wouldn’t call their whiskers anything close to being one of my favorite things. And when the dog bites, I’m generally not thinking of my favorite things. I’m mostly thinking, “Do I need a rabies shot?” But let’s leave the classic song out of this. Because none of these actual favorite things are going to rhyme… Ready? Go.

Day Six - Speed Reading1. Books – ‘Cause I kinda like to read… when I actually have time to spare.

IMG_00812. Bluefield College – I sort of have a soft spot for my alma mater.

Day Six - Fan3. Fan – I need this in order to sleep comfortably at night. It’s strange not having that noise droning on if the power goes out or if I’m staying somewhere without a fan.

Day Six - Frosted Flakes4. Frosted Flakes – It’s got the taste adults have grown to love. They’re gr-r-r-reat!

Day Six - Netflix5. Netflix – Movies and TV shows at the touch of a button? Yes, please!

Day Six - Singing6. Singing – Mostly I just sing in my car using the steering wheel as a microphone. I’m convinced that I’m constantly practicing for a karaoke night that just never seems to happen.

Day Six - GPS7. GPS – Okay, I remember life before smartphones and Google Maps. I remember pulling out the map that you had to unfold but could never figure out how to fold back up. I remember having to jot down actual directions on a piece of paper. This is so much easier… Until the machines become self aware and try to redirect you into a swamp in the middle of nowhere. Fool me once, computer voice… fool me once.

Day Six - Coke8. Coca-Cola – Look, most people would list coffee as their go-to caffeinated beverage. Not me. I love the smell of coffee, but the taste is awful to me. I wish it were different. I tire of the scornful looks I get from people when I say I don’t like coffee. But, to me, it’s warm dirt water. Coke gives me the caffeine and tastes a lot better. Plus, Santa Claus drinks Coke. What other endorsement do you need?

Day Six - Nap9. Naps – Need I elaborate?

Day Six - Writing10. Writing – If I could do this for a living, I would in a heartbeat.

Electronic Harmony - Typing11. My Laptop – It’s not fancy. And it’s not a Mac, which a lot of people probably shoot me scornful looks for as well. But I’m not a Mac guy. I don’t think I’ll ever be a Mac guy. I don’t even have an iPhone. I’m perfectly content with the capabilities of my little Gateway, thank you very much.

Snow - Duchess12. My Old Dog – Back in the 90’s, my family had two dogs. This one, Duchess, was my dog. Because of a psychotic, animal-hating neighbor, we had to give them both to new homes. I question the the quality of the home in which Duchess was placed, and I miss that old dog. She was kind of the best.

Day Six - Snow13. Snow – I moved back to Virginia from North Carolina almost exclusively because I missed snow.

The Death and Life of Superman - Christopher Reeve14. Superman – Ever since I was a little kid.

Super Mario Bros15. Super Mario Bros. – It’s classic. It’s simple. The original is still fun. Even after 30 years.

Whole Gang 0216. These People

Lake Group - Serious17. These People

The Kids and Mommy18. These People

Graduation 2003 - Family 219. And These People

Day Six - Raindrops on Roses20. Raindrops on Roses – Okay, you got me. I actually do like raindrops on roses.


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