An Open Letter to the Pop-Tart People

I eat more Pop-Tarts than I should probably admit to. I could say I only reach for the name brand toaster pastry when I’m running late and need a quick breakfast on the go. Sadly, that’s what a lot of my mornings become.Pop-Tarts - Lorelai GilmoreDespite my long-standing relationship with the Kellogg’s company and the Pop-Tarts brand, I don’t generally branch out from my standard strawberry flavored Pop-Tarts. Sometimes I go with the frosted, but I more often buy the unfrosted. And I usually eat them raw. Again, that’s because I’m rushed. Who’s got time to wait for the toaster to heat up?Pop-Tarts - Ain't Nobody Got TimeAnyway, I think most of the Pop-Tart varieties are a bit ridiculous. More often than not, the descriptions on the box read like a dessert menu. At least with my unfrosted strawberry, I can attempt to convince myself that it’s no worse than toast and jam.

Occasionally, I get curious about the things I’m eating. In those rare moments, I take a look at the panel of nutritional facts that are required by law to be printed on the packaging. It strikes me as odd that Pop-Tarts come in packages of two, but the suggested serving size is one. If the appropriate serving is one pastry, why are they not individually wrapped? It’s a question I want to ask the people at Kellogg’s.

Dear Mr. & Mrs. Kellogg,

First of all, let me say, I’m a big fan. Cereal is one of my favorite go to snacks and/or meals in existence. And out of all the varieties of cold cereal on the market, your Frosted Flakes are my absolute favorite. Frosted Flakes, I daresay, helped me to beat anorexia in my teen years.

I’ve also been a long time fan of the Pop-Tart. My current flavor of choice is the unfrosted strawberry. However, when I was younger, I loved the frosted grape. But, one day, the frosted grape changed. The box announced that it had been improved. In my opinion, it was not improved. That’s when I switched to strawberry. Is there any chance the old grape recipe could be revisited? That would about make my year.

But that isn’t why I’m writing today. This letter is written out of genuine concern. In reading the nutrition facts, I notice that the serving size for Pop-Tarts is one pastry. If this is the case, why are these items packaged in pairs?

I have no doubt that wrapping Pop-Tarts individually would cost more money and add to an already alarming garbage problem. But coming in twos, aren’t you just encouraging America’s difficulty with portion control? Are people expected to open a package of Pop-Tarts and eat only one? Statistically, 92% of Pop-Tart consumers eat both in one sitting, meaning most of us are eating twice as much as your own nutritionists suggest we should eat. By wrapping the pastries individually, one would need to make a conscious decision to overeat, as opposed to simply grabbing a second Pop-Tart out of reflex.

I implore you, change your packaging policy. You never know how this one small action could affect the obesity epidemic in this country.

Sincerely… etc.Pop-Tarts - Liz Lemon

3 thoughts on “An Open Letter to the Pop-Tart People

  1. Pop tarts are gross. And always burn the roof of your mouth or are too cold. There’s a fine line when they should be eaten. You don’t want to wait until it’s too cold…but then you bite (cautiously as you may) and still burn the heck out of your mouth. So the next time, you wait and then it’s cold. So… I tried to give them to my kids a couple/few times and they don’t like them either. I’m so glad we don’t have pop-tart drama. 🙂

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