Dreary - JoeyA long time ago, Karen Carpenter sang about how rainy days and Mondays always got her down. Yesterday, it was impossible not to think of that song as it was a rainy Monday.

Kids, driving to work in the predawn hours that I’m so used to is miserable enough when the sun’s first rays of light are peeking over the horizon. Making the drive under the cover of darkened rain clouds in a constant downpour is much less enjoyable.

Yesterday’s saving grace was that it was a half day at school. Today, there’s no such luck. And yet, it’s still a dark, rainy mess outside. Staring out the classroom windows, I see drizzle and fog blanketing the neighboring farm.

There was a time when I believed I would be capable of moving to the Pacific Northwest. I always thought it would be a neat adventure to end up there someday. Now that I realize how poorly I react to only two consecutive days of cloud cover and rain, I should rethink my ability to spend any significant time in a place like Seattle.

Not that I’m ever the first to suggest a hike on those beautiful, sunny days. I like a good hike. But it’s rarely my first inclination to do something outdoorsy simply for the sake of clear skies. But those days do inspire me to get moving. Somewhere in some way.

On days like today and yesterday, I kind of just want to ignore the alarm, turn over, and allow sleep to embrace me once more. Even now, several hours after I woke, showered, and drove to the school, I’m sorely tempted to put my head down and close my eyes.

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