Sunday Scribblings #30 – Misery

Welcome to Sunday Scribblings! Each Wednesday I will post a new prompt here at The Confusing Middle. Be as creative as you want with the prompt and post something over on your own blog. Then come back here and leave a comment with your link so that everyone can check out your post and see … Continue reading Sunday Scribblings #30 – Misery

Question of the Week #191

Would you rather be happy yet slow-witted and unimaginative or unhappy yet bright and creative? For example, would you rather live the life of a brilliant yet tortured artist like Vincent van Gogh, or that of a happy but carefree soul who is a bit simple-minded? I'd rather go for bright and creative, even if … Continue reading Question of the Week #191

Where Misery Takes You

Being miserable in one's work or career can be a very dangerous place to find oneself. Because misery leads to desperation. Desperation leads to unwise, probably impulsive, decisions that could have long lasting ramifications. I know because I've been there. For nearly four years I worked as a bank teller. Describing myself as miserable during … Continue reading Where Misery Takes You


No one ever saw me coming. Sure, in my younger years I may have been something to see. I had my share of admirers, but I never took any of those ladies, or myself for that matter, very seriously at all. For a short time, I thought I was on top of the world. It's … Continue reading Invisible


A long time ago, Karen Carpenter sang about how rainy days and Mondays always got her down. Yesterday, it was impossible not to think of that song as it was a rainy Monday. Kids, driving to work in the predawn hours that I'm so used to is miserable enough when the sun's first rays of … Continue reading Dreary

NC Revisited

Eight years ago, I moved to Wake Forest, North Carolina. At the time, I truly believed this represented a permanent change in my life. I thought that I had said good bye to the Commonwealth of Virginia for good, except for holidays and family events. Turns out I was wrong. Eight years ago, I moved … Continue reading NC Revisited