Why Rice Krispies Treats Are the Perfect Snack

Rice Krispies TreatsRice Krispies Treats. There’s a good chance you’re drooling right now just thinking of them. Be honest if you are. Just try to keep it off the keyboard. Salivation really isn’t good for the hardware.

The Rice Krispies Treat is an easy thing to make. You take some Rice Krispies (and it’s gotta be the Kellogg’s brand, not the generic stuff). Then you get some marshmallows. And then you add some butter. Okay, so I’m not exactly sure how you make them. But I’m sure there are recipes on the internet that can be easily found. Google it and let me know.

They taste pretty good though. It’s the meshing of those flavors that make the treats so special. I prefer the homemade version as opposed to the store bought kind.

When we were kids, whenever we’d go on a road trip, particularly to Nashville for family events, Dad would make Rice Krispies Treats for us to snack on in the car as we rode along for a solid eight hours. There were rare occasions when Dad didn’t have time to make the snack treats and we had to go with store bought stuff. But the ones that Dad made were always better. I think he added more butter than the factories add.

I may have overstepped my bounds by calling Rice Krispies Treats the perfect snack. After all, I haven’t personally eaten one since before Dad passed away. But I have fond memories.

I also enjoy Bugles.


One thought on “Why Rice Krispies Treats Are the Perfect Snack

  1. Aww, it’s got to be hard to have that association between your beloved snack and your daddy who passed too soon. I’m sorry honey. Xoxoxo

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