Going on a Job Hunt

Kids, I’m torn.

Throughout my life, the only times I’ve ever sought a change in employment has been when I’ve become unhappy with my situation. As things are currently, I’m not unhappy with my position. In fact, I still love my job. There are certain aspects of the job that frustrate me, but show me a job that doesn’t have some frustrations.Ugh Managers - Office SpaceDespite my positive feeling toward my job and employer, I’ve recently begun looking for a new situation. It started when the company I work for advertised a position that has opened up in the Richmond office. I’m qualified. And it pays significantly more than I currently make. I feel like it would have been foolish to let that opportunity pass me by without at least emailing my resume to HR.

I have friends in Richmond who have been trying to convince me, for years, that I need to move there. I’ve always looked at Richmond as a “someday” kind of thing. “Someday” is abstract. I don’t know when “someday” will be. I just never think of it as being soon. I’ve applied for this job, but I’m really not sure if I want to relocate right now. I love where I live. It’s an awesome town. I love the church that I’m a part of and the people I work with there. I just don’t want to give that up. I’m not sure that even the potential pay increase is worth leaving what I have here.

But applying for that job got me thinking about the possibility of other possibilities a little closer to home. What if I was able to find a position where I already live that could still offer me a change of pace and, just as a bonus, increased salary? Would there be anything wrong with leaving a job I already like if it means improving my situation a bit?

Honestly, I would miss my school. I’d miss the teachers I work with. I’d miss the students, many of whom I’ve watched grow up a lot in four years. I’d miss the inevitable snow days that come with winter. I’d miss having summers off.

On the flip side, there’s the excitement of something new. There’s the increase in pay. There’s the ability to sleep past 5 a.m. every day. There’s savings in gas money because I wouldn’t necessarily have to drive for an hour just to get to work in the morning.

Pros and cons, my friends. Pros and cons.


5 thoughts on “Going on a Job Hunt

  1. Intetesting offer. Keep in mind the cost of living is higher hear, especially in dt richmond. But there is alot more thier i bet you would be happier in richmond and VCU is a top notch school to continue your education. It would be a great move for you not to mention you would probably get out more here with all your friends that live in the area.


    • Personally, and I imagine I speak for many people, I say, “Don’t leave!” But you have to figure out what it is you need to do. I’ll be praying for you to have clear discernment in this decision.


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