50 Questions

Kids, I like to steal things. Not physically. I’m not a kleptomaniac or anything. I just like to steal ideas. But it’s only fair, what with the people at Netflix totally ripping off the idea I had for streaming movies back when I was in high school. But, whatever… water under the thing. Basically, all that is to say I like stealing blog ideas. Because, at times, it can be difficult to come up with original ideas myself. A lot of the time, I’ll ask permission to steal something. Or, at least, I’ll let a blogger know that I’m gonna rip them off. In this case, I’m taking the following 50 questions from ktschram over at I Live to Express. Settle in, kids.

  1. Where would you like to be? Right now? Back at home, attempting to finish putting my room together and cleaning it up. It’s kind of a mess. Overall? I’m sort of conflicted. Part of me wants to be elsewhere. Part of me thinks that where I am is just swell.
  2. Do you want children? Probably. Most likely, yes. Not right now, obviously.
  3. Ever been in love? Not really, no. But I believe I am fully capable of such a thing.
  4. Who’s your best friend? I don’t have just one. Mark, Brandon, and Andy will need to battle it out in a cage match before I decide who will be my best man, should I ever get married. And Nicole would have to be my matron of honor. ‘Cause who says the groom can’t have one of those?
  5. More guy friends or girl friend? Looking at the list of “best friends” in the previous question, you’d think I have more guy friends. But really, I usually hang out with women more often than not. Believe me, I’m not complaining about that.
  6. One thing that makes you feel great is… singing along with an awesome song.
  7. One person that you wish you could see right now? Really, any of those best friends mentioned before. I’ve got some stuff on my mind and it’d be nice to talk it out with one of them.
  8. Do you have a 5 year plan? Nope. Too busy living life to stop and make a plan.
  9. Have you made a list of things to do before you die? Yep. You can find that here.
  10. Have you pre-named your children? Just one. I’d like to name my son (if I have one) after my Dad.
  11. Last person you got mad at? I don’t know. I really don’t get mad at specific people very often. But I road rage like it’s my job. So, if we can accept random drivers as a correct response, that’d be great.
  12. I would like to move to… Richmond. Or New York. Or Seattle.
  13. I wish I was a professional… writer. If I could write and get paid for it, that’d be super.
  14. Favorite candy: Skittles… or Starburst
  15. Favorite vehicle: Mustang
  16. Favorite president: Lincoln
  17. Favorite state visited: California
  18. Favorite cell phone provider: Verizon, I guess.
  19. Favorite athlete: This kid… and I dare you not to tear up when you watch the video.
  20. Favorite actor: Tom Hanks
  21. Favorite actress: Jennifer Lawrence
  22. Favorite singer: Jason Mraz
  23. Favorite band: Eagles
  24. Favorite clothing store: Old Navy
  25. Favorite grocery store: Kroger… ’cause who doesn’t love earning fuel points?
  26. Favorite TV show: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
  27. Favorite movie: Back to the Future
  28. Favorite website: The Confusing Middle… that guy’s hilarious!
  29. Favorite animal: Otter
  30. Favorite theme park: Busch Gardens
  31. Favorite holiday: Christmas
  32. Favorite sport to watch: College basketball
  33. Favorite sport to play: Tennis
  34. Favorite magaine: Entertainment Weekly
  35. Favorite book: The Wizard of Oz
  36. Favorite day of the week: Saturday
  37. Favorite beach: Corolla, North Carolina
  38. Favorite concert attended: Black Eyed Peas at the 2011 Greenbrier Classic put on a fantastic show.
  39. Favorite thing to cook: Deep dish pizza
  40. Favorite food: Pizza… duh…
  41. Favorite restaurant: Macado’s
  42. Favorite radio station: At the moment, Sirius-XM’s 80s on 8
  43. Favorite Yankee candle scent: Apple pie
  44. Favorite perfume: Really don’t have one.
  45. Favorite flower: Daisies
  46. Favorite color: Blue
  47. Favorite talk show host: Jimmy Fallon
  48. Favorite comedian: Jim Gaffigan or Louis C.K.
  49. Favorite dog breed: Golden Retriever
  50. Favorite video game: Super Mario Bros. 3

That was fun. Probably more for me than it was for you. Come back later, there will be more fun to be had.50 Questions - Bored

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