Bump in the Night

Remember my really awesome apartment that I used to live in back in my North Carolina days? Well, they used to tell me the building was haunted. I’m not exactly sure how many people were included in “they.” Really, the only people I’d ever heard these ghost stories from were a woman I once worked with and her daughter, who was once a resident in the same building.Bump in the Night - GhostsThe apartment building was once a cotton mill. The structure itself had actually been around since the early 1900s. At some point in the last twenty years or so, it was converted into apartments. It really was a neat old building (and, I’m sure, still is). It was the coolest apartment I’ve ever lived in. High ceilings, tall windows, huge rooms, hardwood floors, free water. I actually loved that place.

But, again, they said the place was haunted. I’m not sure if accidents happened back in the milling days. I’m not sure if unions got involved in labor disputes that became violent. I’m not sure if there were murders or suicides within those walls. But the rumor persisted that restless spirits wandered the halls.

I lived there for nearly three years and never experienced anything supernatural. The only bumps in the night that I’d ever heard came from neighbors turning the bass on their stereos up to eleven, or from the kids next door, wrestling and slamming into the walls. That last part I became a little concerned about. The walls were pretty thin. You slam someone hard enough, I’m sure they could just fall right through. I’m pretty sure the walls were little more than tissue paper anyway.Bump in the Night - Kool AidBelieve me, if something strange in the neighborhood were to ever rear its ghostly head, this blog would have been the first place I’d report it.

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