A Fistful of Questions

I thought I was gonna have more participation with this thing. But, oh well. Two people asked plenty of questions and they will receive plenty of answers. Maybe I’ll do this again someday. When my internet popularity knows no bounds!

Chris asks, “What do you think about Bruce Jenner’s confession about him being a transgendered person? And what are your top 5 favorite movies of all time?”

  • Honestly, Chris, I haven’t given Bruce Jenner a single thought. In fact, I actively avoid anything involving the Kardashian/Jenner empire. I despise reality television. One of the worst things I believe our society does is glorify people for being famous for no reason. (I realize the irony in saying that when, above, I alluded to my future internet popularity. Thing is, if I’m ever famous, it better be for my impressive line of jams and jellies and not just because I have E! cameramen following me around.) If someone can explain to me how the exploits of those kids from Jersey Shore or Honey Boo Boo’s family have positively contributed to our culture, maybe you can convince me to give reality TV a look. But I doubt anyone can, so I’ll stick with my avoidance strategy.Back to the Future
  • My top five movies, according to my rankings on Flickchart, are as follows: 1) Back to the Future, 2) Star Wars, Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back, 3) Superman, 4) That Thing You Do, and 5) The Matrix.

VTNessa asks, “What is your favorite memory with your dad? If you could write an instruction book for life, what would the highlights of the 3 most important chapters be? What are your areas of spiritual gifting and do you feel you are making good use of them? Who do you identify with the most from the bible and why? If you had to lose one of your senses, which one of these would you be most willing to give up, and why; sight, hearing, taste, or touch? Would you rather have a pet rhinoceros or a pet bongo?”

  • My favorite memory with my dad is the baseball trip we took in the summer after my junior year of college. I’m not a huge sports enthusiast, but I do like going to live games and this was a once-in-a-lifetime kind of trip. We attended five Major League Baseball games in as many days. We began the adventure in Baltimore. Then we drove further north to see the Mets, the Yankees, and the Red Sox. On the way back to Virginia, we stopped off to see the Phillies play. We moved around a lot and we moved really quickly. My dad’s health, at that point, wasn’t great, though he wasn’t yet tied down by an oxygen tank or a pacemaker. It’s not the kind of trip I’d ever do again, but it was worth it to experience those memories with him.

    Yankee Stadium - Dad and Aaron

    Dad and me at the old Yankee Stadium.

  • It feels like, to properly answer this question, I would need to actually write an instruction book for life, then determine those three important chapters and summarize them. As it is, it’s difficult to summarize something that does not exist. So how about this… I’d begin with something like, “You just wasted your money buying this book. Because I can’t tell you how to life. But thank you for your contribution to my bank account.” Somewhere in the middle, I’d build up to, “Seriously, why are you still reading this thing? No one can tell you how to live your life. There are no rules for how to succeed. In fact, your definition of success will vastly differ from most people around you. What works for me probably won’t work for anyone else. It’s kind of nice being unique.” I’d probably wrap up with, “Throw this book away. Or don’t. It’s up to you. Don’t let me tell you what to do or how to think or how to act. That’s not my job. I’ve got my own life to worry about. It’s really not fair for you to put pressure on me to tell you how to live too.”
  • I actually haven’t taken a spiritual gifts inventory in some time. I was out of town last summer when we went through spiritual gifts at church. It’s probably something should do, but I just haven’t. At different times in my life, I have taken the inventory before, and each time teaching has been one constant. And I do feel like I use that pretty consistently in working with children’s ministry and even, to some extent, working in the school system.
  • I think I identify most with Samson. Mostly because I have no doubt that I would have super strength if my parents hadn’t cut my hair as a child. Serious answer is actually Aaron. For one thing, we share a name. Now, I’m not saying I could be high priest or anything. But I don’t have a problem speaking for someone if they need me to. And things seemed to go okay for Aaron while he was plugged in to God. Things got hairy for him and suddenly he’s all about a golden calf. I’ve never bowed down to a literal golden calf, but I can identify with turning away from the things of God when things have gotten rough.You Done Messed Up
  • You forgot the sense of smell. Although, smell has been said to be inextricably connect to taste, so maybe you left it out on purpose. Not that it matters, because I’d pick sight anyway. Yeah, life would be difficult without being able to see. But I’d get used to it. I make a lot of snap judgments about people based on first impressions. If I can’t judge someone based on their appearance, I’m going to be a lot more likely to actually hear what they have to say to me.
  • So, I was convinced that a bongo was just a type of drum. In which case, I’d pick a bongo. I can’t forget to feed something that doesn’t eat. But I checked it out and a bongo is also a species of forest antelope from Africa. As a pet, I’d still go with the bongo. Not nearly as large as a rhino and definitely won’t eat as much. They have some pretty sharp horns on their heads, but considering the rhinoceros’ horn, I think I’d have equal opportunity of being impaled. At least the bongo’s smaller and I can trick myself into believing it would be easier to avoid than a rampaging rhinoceros.

    Pet Rhino


Thanks to Chris and VTNessa for participating in this question and answer session. Hope you enjoyed your answers. See you next time, kids.


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