Question of the Week #7

QuestionDo you think that the world will be a better or a worse place 100 years from now?

Neither. Look, every generation that comes along claims that the world was a better place when they were younger and that things are just getting worse. But the way I see it, that’s just an eye-of-the-beholder kind of thing. Of course the world was a better place when we were younger. We didn’t have as many responsibilities as kids. And we have a tendency to remember the good memories over the bad ones, so our view of the world of the past can be slightly tainted. That’s not to say bad things didn’t happen to each of us, nor do we completely forget those things. I’m just saying that, statistically, our memories are usually optimistic.

Things could happen in the future. The climate could change dramatically causing ice caps to melt and oceans to rise. Dictatorships could rise and fall causing nuclear weapons or biological weapons to become misplaced and misused by terrorist organizations. The zombie apocalypse could happen. A meteor the size of Mt. Everest could strike the Earth. But mankind would probably find some way to survive. Okay, maybe not those last two, those are kind of hard to come back from, but you get the point. The world keeps turning and humanity keeps growing and evolving into a race of people who keep on truckin’.

What do you think? 100 years from now, better or worse? Let me know in the comments.

*The Question of the Week can be found in The Book of Questions by Gregory Stock, Ph.D.


One thought on “Question of the Week #7

  1. I’d venture to say worse in the future, as the closer the day comes to Christ’s return, the harder at work the devil will be, and the worse off those living on the earth will be. I think the media definitely overplays many bad events, but at the same time, I think a lot of stuff exists outside of our narrow views of the world. I wonder just how much my opinion on this is shaped because I live in the U.S.A. and have never travelled to regions of much greater suffering.

    I wouldn’t dare dispute your claim that people will keep on truckin’. They will (unless of course all trucks have been replaced by hovercrafts and other more interesting modes of transport.) Necessity is the mother of invention, people adapt, survival of the fittest, etc. But I still think that the world will be worse in general 100 years from now.


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