Amazing Amazon

No, this post is not about Wonder Woman.

There are a lot of creative people out there. They often go unnoticed and their accomplishments are forgotten. But, thanks to the unwavering memory of the internet, their work can live on as humanity marches into the future.

Take, for example, the reviews section at the bottom of the page for each product sold by Amazon. I was first exposed to the power and hilarious potential found in these reviews when a friend pointed me in the direction of reviews for sugar free gummy bears. I’ve since discovered others in the online shopping center. Below, you’ll find some of my favorites. I invite you to explore Amazon and find even more hilarity.

Hutzler 571 Banana Slicer

  • I tried the banana slicer and found it unacceptable. As shown in the picture, the slices is curved from left to right. All of my bananas are bent the other way.
  • I would rate this product as just okay. It’s kind of cheaply made. But it works better than the hammer I’ve been using to slice my bananas.
  • Gone are the days of biting off slice-sized chunks of banana and spitting them onto a serving tray…. Next on my wish list: a kitchen tool for dividing frozen water into cube-sized chunks.

AutoExec Wheelmate Steering Wheel Attachable Work Surface Tray

  • You wouldn’t believe how much more interesting my commute is now that I have something to do other than just stare out the window! I’m using it right now to post this review and I never
  • I balance a ball on mine and try to keep it from rolling off the edge while driving by tilting the wheel back and forth and using the gas and brake. I must do this well as everyone around me honks with encouragement.
  • I am so glad this product has come along. Finally, I have a flat surface to use my Hutzler Banana Slicer while on the go.
  • It’s OK Iguess, but the bumpy road majkes it hard to type. And theree’s a lot of pedeestrians and traffic that keep distracting me fromm my computer.

Tuscan Whole Milk, 1 Gallon, 128 fl. oz.

  • Has anyone else tried pouring this stuff over dry cereal? A-W-E-S-O-M-E!
  • “Tuscan Whole Milk” can be re-arranged to say “I’ll know mustache”. Coincidence? I think not.
  • Okay product but you have to buy a glass to use it. Don’t get fooled by the easy-to-use look of this product.

How to Avoid Huge Ships

  • I read this book before going on vacation and I couldn’t find my cruise liner in the port. Vacation ruined.
  • Why no Kindle edition?! Given that there is a huge ship bearing down on me RIGHT NOW I am extremely disappointed that I cannot get inst
  • I make a living by hitting things with my huge ship. This book is absolutely DESTROYING my business! Please do not buy this!

There really are tons more out there. Do yourself a favor and look some up when you’ve got some time to kill. Don’t do it at the office though. You’ll draw some pretty strange looks if you’re cracking up in your cubicle for no apparent reason.


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