Originally written in August of 2010... Caleb's hand trembled as he put the bottle to his lips. He was shaking so much that a part of him was scared he would drop the bottle. Another part of him didn't care. That part would be just as content with watching the glass shatter as with drinking … Continue reading Faith



Originally written in June of 2010... Jim wasn't in the delivery room when his only son was born. In fact, as Lara, his wife, gave birth to their first child, Jim wasn't even in the same country. Instead, he was half a world away, waiting anxiously to receive a phone call letting him know that … Continue reading Birth

The Book That Changed Everything

Stanley rushed down the stairs, hoping to catch his wife before she left for work. When he got to the kitchen he realized he was too late. She had let him oversleep, so he didn't have a chance to wish her a happy anniversary. Madison had left coffee warming in the pot, knowing that Stan … Continue reading The Book That Changed Everything

Electronic Harmony

Back in my North Carolina days, my friend Nicole told me that she wanted to perform a little experiment. She wanted to sign me up on e-Harmony just to see what would happen. At the time, she had predicted that I would be getting married on a certain date. That prediction was based on little … Continue reading Electronic Harmony