A to Z Challenge – Passengers

Passengers 2016 Directed by Morten Tyldum Quick Synopsis...┬áDuring the 120-year journey of the "Starship Avalon" to a distant planetary colony, a computer glitch rouses mechanic Jim Preston from hibernation decades ahead of schedule. Desperate for company, Preston wakes up female journalist Aurora Lane. This movie really had so much going for it. I mean, it … Continue reading A to Z Challenge – Passengers

Is It Lazy Movie Making?

I like a certain amount of realism in my movies. I know, this coming from a guy whose favorite movies usually involve guys who wear capes and can fly. But when you're telling a story that fits in the real world, it should be told in realistic ways. For example, when your movie opens in … Continue reading Is It Lazy Movie Making?

My 10 Favorite Movies of 2016

I've mentioned Flickchart on here before, right? Well, the quick sales pitch is that it's a way to rank your favorite movies. The site gives you two movies and you pick the one you like better. From that, you can eventually develop a pretty good ranking of all the movies you've seen. I've seen a … Continue reading My 10 Favorite Movies of 2016