My 10 Favorite Movies of 2016

I’ve mentioned Flickchart on here before, right? Well, the quick sales pitch is that it’s a way to rank your favorite movies. The site gives you two movies and you pick the one you like better. From that, you can eventually develop a pretty good ranking of all the movies you’ve seen. I’ve seen a lot of movies. A lot.

In 2016, I saw 48 new movies. I’m not sure if that’s more or less than the average year for me. Not all of them were in the theater. Some I was able to wait until they hit the Redbox or Netflix. A couple just went straight to Netflix. Honestly, I think you can find some hidden gems among those straight to Netflix films. You can find some real stinkers among those, too.

Anyway, this Top 10 list is based on my Flickchart rankings of movies in 2016. Not everyone will agree with this Top 10. In fact, some people will have a real problem with some of the movies that cracked the Top 10. I don’t, though. They’re the movies I liked. Deal with my favorites.

That sounded mean. What I meant to say was, deal with my favorites. Please. And thank Doctor Strange
I’m a big fan of a comic book movie. A lot of you who read that probably rolled your eyes and thought duh. I’m not sure that I was excited about Doctor Strange before it came out. But I saw it and I really enjoyed it. I bet it would have ended up higher on this list if I’d seen it again. But when I saw it, I saw the IMAX 3-D version and it messed with my head. So there’s a good chance I’ll like this movie even more when I can watch it without a migraine.moana-high-five9. Moana
I’m a sucker for the animated Disney movie. I mean, I went through a period where I didn’t have any desire to see the new Disney movies as they were released. Maybe that was more Disney’s problem than it was mine. But I feel like Disney’s gotten their groove back. Moana was excellent. I dang near cried twice.Batman v Superman - Trinity8. Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice
Wait, shouldn’t this be higher on my list? It has Superman in it. It has Batman in it. It has Wonder Woman in it. Look, I’m man enough to admit that this was not a perfect movie. But it really wasn’t as bad as a lot of people like to pretend it was. Maybe it’s just my personal opinion, but I really believe that a lot of the naysayers are just trying to look at the world through Marvel-colored glasses.10 Cloverfield Lane.gif7. 10 Cloverfield Lane
This movie actually surprised me a little. I knew there was no real connection to the Cloverfield movie that came out a few years back. But I was intrigued enough to want to see it just in case there was some kind of connection. Not that Cloverfield was an amazing movie in and of itself. But this one was better. I’m still a little unsure about the ending, though.Star Trek Beyond.gif6. Star Trek Beyond
I am my father’s son. Grayson Peck was a life long Star Trek fan. And that dude raised me on Star Trek movies and Star Trek: The Next Generation and all of the spin-offs. So every time a new movie is released, I’m all over it. I loved that this Star Trek was its own thing. It wasn’t about rebooting the story or rehashing something that had already been done in the past. For that reason, it may be my favorite of this rebooted franchise.deadpool5. Deadpool
It’s everything a Deadpool movie should be.fantastic-beasts4. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them
When this was first announced, I didn’t want to like it. Because it’s just Hollywood continuing to milk the cash cow that is the Harry Potter franchise. Why should I care about a movie that takes place in a world that was wrapped up in a tidy bow with Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows? But, I was just dumb enough to read Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, so why not give Fantastic Beasts a shot? It was fantastic. I’ve heard people call it the best Harry Potter movie there is. I won’t go that far. But it was a worthy successor.passengers3. Passengers
This has been getting some negative reviews. I haven’t actually read any of those reviews. That’s just what I’ve heard. Apparently people aren’t liking the ending. I don’t know. I liked it. I like Jennifer Lawrence. I like Chris Pratt. I like science fiction. Deal with it.Rogue One.gif2. Rogue One
Speaking of science fiction… Who knew that a spin-off story would end up being the best Star Wars movie since Empire Strikes Back? I really loved every aspect of this movie. If you have not seen it yet, stop reading this blog and go to your nearest movie theater and buy your ticket. I mean that. Finding out my number one movie is not worth missing Rogue One.arrival1. Arrival
Is it a coincidence that Forest Whitaker stars in my top two movies of 2016? Yes. Yes, it is. Since seeing Arrival and discussing the movie with a number of others, I kind of feel like you either think it’s a brilliant film or it’s a stupid film. I thought it was brilliant. Obviously I didn’t think it was stupid, otherwise it wouldn’t be my favorite movie of the year. Have you seen it? What did you think?

So those are my favorite movies of the year. Did I get it wrong? I mean, there were 38 other movies I saw last year. They can’t all make the Top 10. I know, a lot of people are probabyly asking about Captain America: Civil War. I find it odd that it’s not up here. But it’s in my top 20. Wanna know what the worst movie I saw last year was? A little horror movie called They’re Watching. One of those gems I found on Netflix. Ugh.


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